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Stitch markers 

Hay guys;

So I’m back to work this week, so not promising much in terms of blogging or knitting. Any knitting time I now have is during my dinner break and I’m also figuring out crochet. So not a lot of wip progress at the moment!

But I did get some time to make myself some new stitchmarkers over the weekend. They still need the jump rings soldering shut, but otherwise they’re done 🙂

Step one was amazon shopping. I brought a multipack of different sized jewellery clasps and a mixed pack of pendants.

Step two was the design. I found the tiny seed beeds in my stash if goodies at home. The marker felt likw it needed a pop of colour. I picked the largest pendants for the largest markers and so on.

Step three was join it all together and digout a storage box.

Large set

Medium set

Miny set

These were a super quick and easy make. I’ve been fonding the plastic ones seem to snap after a couple of outings. So hoping these will last a bit longer!

Thats all from me today

Love to you all and happy knitting!




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