My Finished Makes – 2015-17

So I thought it would be nice to keep  bit of a chronological record of my completed knitted makes. For me I just really enjoy seeing the progress of my knitting skills – which is part of the reason I started this blog in the first place!

Feb: Knitted Cowl Scarf

 This was my first knit from my “art of knitting” subscription. It is still in use now, but starting to fall apart… so i really should knit another warm one.

Knitted Egg Hat

(2015) The Art of Knitting Project. This was knitted as an exercise to practice decreasing stitches. I think it looks really funky in the glitter wool! But I have no idea when I’m ever going to use it…. So it has been donated to a charity shop.

In Double Knit Glitter wool with a red pom-pom

July: knitted bunnies

This was a pretty simple knit – garter stitch squares sewn into squares.

July: That black knitted scarf

This was a work in progress for about 3 years. But it is still in use and super warm!

March: Knitted Hat

(2015) The Art of Knitting Project. This pattern and wool was a freebie with my subscription. I messed up the pattern a little. But I’m still pretty chuffed that it actually looks like a hat!

July: Wrist warmers

Made these for my Grandad, with a matching scarf.

August: Rainbow Cowl

Inspired by the need for a distraction from horrible dental pain. Scarf hasn’t had much use though.

September: Brown Hat

This was a birthday gift for a friend.


Feb: Baby booties

So big that my baby (born Jan 2017) won’t fit these until she’s at least 3!

July: Camo Blanket

One of my more used makes. Used almost daily. Ideal for camping on the sofa with baby and Netflix.

November: Ribbed Socks

Little large. But very warm.

December: Baby Tank Top

Worn twice. Now to small. Lesson: never make baby clothes in the smallest size!

December: Blue Hat

Does get worn quiet a bit. I love the colour, but the freebie yarn from Art of Knitting isn’t something I’ve fallen in love with.

Feb: Baby Blanket

A Pattern by Laura Strutt in Love Knitting for Baby Dec 2016 issue.  

April: Patchwork Blanket

This was a learning project from the art of knitting magazine. My knowledge of knitting has increased so much ovee the last few years because of this project! This patchwork blanket will be used in the lounge I think!

April: Crochet Alien

I was inspired to give crochet another go by the octopus for a premmie facebook group. As I result I’ve finally been able to make something!

April: knitted Octopus

This my first knitted offering for the octo for a premmie charity UK.

May: knitted Premmi blanket

Donated to preemi uk.

May: Crochet dog

This is the beginning of a toy collection once we get past the ‘everything must go in my mouth phase!’

May: Crochet Alien

To be donated to  Octopus for a preemi uk to help a preemi baby feel more secure and comfortable.

June: Harry Potter Scrap Blanket

An attempt to use up some of those tiny balls of yarn you don’t know what to do with…


June: Baby Hat – A donate project for the knitting group


July: Infinity Scarf

Donated for a charity raffle at work.


August: Mitten Baby Socks

A quick knit that is a really easy DPN starter

Mrs Kirsty Holl

September: Chunky Hat and Scarf

This was my first Chunky Crochet Make. Definitely wanting in on some more crochet chunky makes 🙂


Chunky Knit. One for me and one for a friend.


October: Hooded baby blanket

Flutterby yarn from James C Brett. Lovely yarn to work with and sooo soft!!!!


October: A Shawl for My Grandmother

Made using two strands of DK yarn from 2 balls of yarn to have a chunky weight. Total balls used: 4. Knitted up on 10mm circular needle


October: Mini Christmas Elf-on-the-Shelf (boy)

A free kit that came with the October 2017 Lets Knit Magazine.

xmas elf

October: Finished the Starwars Scarf – Finally added a back

After deciding a few months ago that I would sew some fabric on the back, then leaving that in a cupboard for months, my brain finally figured out a solution. Crochet.

crochet back star wars


December: Christmas Jumper

Pattern: Love Knitting reindeer jumper – with edits.  Knitted in Snowflake DK Yarn.


December 2017: Lily Hat and Scarf