My Stash Catalogue!

This is a record for my stash and where I will start to plan the patterns I can use against them.
YarnPotential Project Ideas

1. Mixed bag of DK left from art of knitting knitted blanket.

2. Sirdar Snuggly – baby bamboo dk. 50g x 2

3. DK blue verigated

4. Crofter Baby fair isle dk blue verigated. Sirdar snuggly.

5. . Sirdar Funky fur. 50g

6. Tinsel yarn

7. Random brown yarn. Feels a bit like tweed?

8. lily sugar n cream assorted. Aran weight. cotton yarn

9. Assorted Patons cotton DK yarn. (light pink = x2)

10. Patons Merino extrafine DK. 1 x blue and 1 x red

11. Sirdar snowflake. 6 x 25g red. 6 x 25g white.

12. 100g mixed colour sock yarn

13. mixed verigated dk

14. mary maxim scrub it.50g. cotton.

15. dk yellow x 3

16. Natura Just cotton

2x Yellow

1x Crimson (a pretty pinky red)

1x black

2. Turqoise green yarn. Unknown make. Found in charity shop… Aran weight/thick dk.

3. Pink Aran yarn. Unknown yarn

4. Cotton Prints Dk Sirdar

5. Jaeger Monte Cristo Cool crepe dk 50g3 x black

6. Red sequin dk yarn. 50g

7. Black sequin DK yarn.50g x 2

8. New Arrival DK. 100g

9. multi coloured sock yarn3 x 50g pink mix

10. multi coloured sock yarn.100g mixed blue

11. Green cygnet chunky. 100g.

12. mixed DK

13. Black fluffy DK

250g black.

14. Green sparkly yarn

15. Linen Shadow DK. 50g

That’s the second installment. Now to wade through all the scraps and the bottom of the stash box!…

…and some bags of yarn hidden in Lily’s room….

Need to start figuring out what to do with it all. It’s taken a few hours to sort through… but it’s been really fun re-finding everything!

Anyone have any idea on where I should start?

love to you all and happy knitting