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Be W.I.P Update

Hay guys! 

Lily is asleep (for now) and I’ve managed and shower and some housework. So definately winning.

So I’ve started back at work this week. It’s been a pretty gentle catchup week. So that’s been a great way to readjust. Hoping to get properly stuck in next week!

Patchwork blanket

I’ve picked up stitches for my border. So I’m hoping the stocking stitch could be a quick way to finish this off!

About half way through border 2. 

Odd ball/scrap yarn blanket

So this is the stocking stitch Harry Potter blanket for Lily. It’s using up the pile of yarn I have left from the patchwork and some other spare ‘what do I do with these?’ Balls from the stash.

Premmi baby blanket

This is the blanket I’m knitting as part of the preemi knitting group on a Monday. The ripple pattern is simple, but it looks really pretty.

Octo for a Premmie

This is my first go at this pattern. On tentacle number 4 now. I love the look. But my tentacles are a bit hit and miss!

Anyhow, I’m off to do some more knitting!

Lily says hi by the way – she’s 3 months old today!

Love to you all and happy knitting




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