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Finished Object – Baby Cardi and WIP progress

Hi all!

Sorry I’ve been majorly quiet lately. Lily has done some serious growing and is not less baby and more toddler. Where on earth did the time go???? She’s also now found the stairs and 90% of the time refuses to nap unless its a power nap in the car. So I have zero blogging time because…

Any spare time is going into finishing ‘A Game of Life and Death’. This is the novel I penned while I was at uni. It has spent the last 5 years being occasionally dusted off for an attempt before being abandoned. What’s changed? My grandad wants to read it and has fuelled a new motivation to get it done – he’s also amazing and is proofreading for me. It’s now 2/3rds edited. Currently re-writing the final section – the original ending was not completely working with me. The plan is to publish through Amazon. So will update you when this is done!



Pattern? Stylecraft Lullaby 8912. Chosen because it was a longer cardi design – which I hadn’t seen in many baby patterns, the textured patterning and the adorable addition of the ears on the hood.

So what did I learn from this knit? Look more closely at the yardage when swapping for another yarn than the pattern suggest. I’m not kidding when I say I’ve probably got enough yarn to knit this cardi again – and I knitted the largest size!!! In addition, it was also the first time I’d knitted button holes – thanks Youtube! The instructions for them didn’t come across that easily for a beginner, but the video instructions helped make sense of it all.

What yarn was it? Stylecraft Special for Babies. Really lovely to knit with. This cardi hasn’t been washed yet, so not sure how well it’s going to wash. But it knitted up relatively quickly and feels lovely and soft. Will have to find another pretty pattern to finish off the rest of the stash.

lily cardi

Other WIPS on my needles:

  • A SS draping cardi for me (for when I just need to zone out infront of the telly)
  • A small gift for my cousin’s new baby
  • A colourwork scarf that a friend’s claimed
  • A dementia muff

These WIPs aren’t in my range of focus until the book is done. But I have found that doing some simple knitting before bed does help me settle. So I try and get about 30 minutes in before heading up for the night.

That’s my update currently. Any news from you guys? Please leave updates in the comments below!

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Water Bottle Holder

Just a quick one from me today!

So I’m really not drinking enough water. Hopefully this could be changed by strapping my water bottle to my side. This stash buster crochet bag could be the way forward.

A really easy and quick make – although it has been sat in a drawer half finished for a few months!!!

It’s made from scrap DK yarn balls sat in my stash.

If anyone has any other good stash buster patterns/projects then please comment below!

Love to you all and happy knitting!



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Stash Post Part 2

With the yarn show in London next week I thought I better finish working out what I still had in my stash…

Promise to try and be good….

1. Natura Just cotton

2x Yellow

1x Crimson (a pretty pinky red)

1x black

2. Turqoise green yarn. Unknown make. Found in charity shop… Aran weight/thick dk.

3. Pink Aran yarn. Unknown yarn

4. Cotton Prints Dk Sirdar

5. Jaeger Monte Cristo Cool crepe dk 50g

3 x black

6. Red sequin dk yarn. 50g

7. Black sequin DK yarn.

50g x 2

8. New Arrival DK. 100g

9. multi coloured sock yarn

3 x 50g pink mix

10. multi coloured sock yarn.

100g mixed blue

11. Green cygnet chunky. 100g.

12. mixed DK

13. Black fluffy DK

250g black.

14. Green sparkly yarn

15. Linen Shadow DK. 50g

That’s the second installment. Now to wade through all the scraps and the bottom of the stash box!…

…and some bags of yarn hidden in Lily’s room….

Need to start figuring out what to do with it all. It’s taken a few hours to sort through… but it’s been really fun re-finding everything!

Anyone have any idea on where I should start?

love to you all and happy knitting



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My stash – part 1

I’m going to put all my stash into a page so I can use it to plan my knits!

Hope you enjoy the nose through 🙂

1. Mixed bag of DK left from art of knitting knitted blanket.

2. Sirdar Snuggly – baby bamboo dk. 50g x 2

3. DK blue verigated

4. Crofter Baby fair isle dk blue verigated. Sirdar snuggly.

5. Sirdar Funky fur. 50g

6. Tinsel yarn

7. Random brown yarn. Feels a bit like tweed?

8. lily sugar n cream assorted. Aran weight. cotton yarn

9. Assorted Patons cotton DK yarn. (light pink = x2)

10. Patons Merino extrafine DK. 1 x blue and 1 x red

11. Sirdar snowflake. 6 x 25g red. 6 x 25g white.

12. 100g mixed colour sock yarn

13. mixed verigated dk

14. mary maxim scrub it.50g. cotton.

15. dk yellow x 3

that’s all from me for now… early start and need to go to bed!!!

love to you all and happy knitting



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Dragged out with camera….

So last Sunday my husband dragged me out for a walk. My replacement camera (he accidently broke the last one about 2 years ago) arrived in the post from CEX a couple of weeks ago and so I brought it out with us.

I’ve missed having super macro! The colours and the wood was beautiful – but very muddy and I will bring wellies next time!

These are some of my favourites from the day…

Love to you all and happy knitting



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Finished Object – Terribly Simple Shawl

Hi all 🙂

Had a busy week – so made sure I found some knitting time carved out to keep my head calm. A positive perk of this was I managed to get this stash buster shawl finished!

For those of you that missed it – here’s the original post…

via WIP – Terribly Simple Shawl

It now looks like this:


I’m using a broach I had floating around to secure it.

Changes I made to the pattern:

– swapped to increasing in the middle about half way (see small holes in middle).

– stopped increasing about midway through the blue. Think it help give a really nice point.

So this stash buster has finished off:

– all textured white yarn

– the sparkly teal ball

– the remaing sparkly pink from my stash.

Feeling pretty pleased with this… making room for any finds from knitting and stitching show in March. Need to have a sort through for any other hidden gems!

My next cast on?


Cast this beautiful hooded toddler cardigon for Lily. Had this in the todo with the yarn for about a year! Go me 🙂

Knitting up well. So will let you know when it’s done!

Love to you all and happy knitting





Puzzled about Happiness

So yesterday I listened to a podcast about Happiness from The Minimalists. I love the content these guys produce because it really resonates with the type of lifestyle that I want to achieve.

What is happiness? I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with balance. If it’s not carefully balanced then you over burn yourself.

We’re constantly being told through marketing that we need X or Y to be happy, that we need to weigh A or look like C or have this amazing fantastic job that pays loads of money for a big beautiful house.

Personally, what makes me happy is when I spend time with my husband, daughter, family or close friends. I find my job actually makes me happy as it allows me to give back to the world around me and help support local organisations. It also challenges me – which is something that keeps my mind really positively stimulated. Anything yarn related makes me happy as it forces me to concentrate on the now – meaning I don’t have my hands free for social media or my phone. It helps me focus on being still and relaxed.

But in contrast, to much work makes me to exhausted to be able to be able to do anything else. Not having time to knit means that I don’t have the chance to unwind. Not enough time on my own means I don’t have the presence of mind to be able to connect with others when I want to be enjoying their company.

It’s funny that I’m 26 and I’m still figuring out what sort of life I need for me to be happy. I want to gain a better understanding so that I can figure out how to teach my daughter how to not get to overwhelmed and help her figure things out. Happiness is a pretty puzzling concept.
via Daily Prompt: Puzzled