Christchurch Food Festival 2017

So last Sunday we went on a family outing to Christchurch in Dorset on the south coast of the uk to a Food festival.

Now we were expecting a tiny little festival with about 10 stalls. In contrast to these not so great expectations, we’ve been out for over 3 hours (I thought I’d get started while Dan was changing Lily’s nappy!) and we’ve still not found all the stalls yet!

It took until 5pm to finish getting around all the stalls. We are now significantly poorer. But came back with some fantastic vinegar’s, liqueurs, cheeses, coffee and cakes – as well as eating some amazing seafood!

First stop was a very yummy and healthy breakfast at James and White bar and Kitchen in Christchurch highstreet. Salmon, egg and watercress.


So these lime and chilly vinegar and blackberry and basil vinegar have apparently been featured on the BBC by James Martin. Now the lady on the stand told me that in London it is a ‘thing’ to drink these mixed with sparkling water. I’m not a fan of sparkling water – so no thanks.

We also brought some absolutely yummy gainers from Gillys – Apple,  Blonde and Rose. I mixed the Rose with Lime and chilly with a salad during the week for lunch. So yummy!!!

Omg these cheeses were beautiful. We got one of each cheese and I’ve had the honey one in sandwiches and salads this week.  Seriously in love.

We also came home with a beautiful selection of cheddar! The Jalapeno one has been used in burritos and tacos this week. An amazing addition.


Now I didn’t buy any of these. But they look stunning.

I am obsessed with the Apprentice and spotted last year’s winner Alana Spencer selling some of her cakes. After managing to blurt out a rather star struck ‘Congratulations’ I came home with a salty caramel slice and some rocky road (officially my new favourite cake).


So we did come home with some sausages from the Giggly Pig. Dan choose these ones.

The Italian ones (flavoured with Oregano) were eaten with mash and tasted amazing.

The Bacon flavoured ones (yes you did read that currently) were finished off in Breakfast burritos this morning.

The Hop flavoured ones have gone in the freezer for another day. But they’re flavoured with the same stuff that you make beer from. So that should be exciting.


Some chilly stuffed olives, feta, garlic cloves and sundried tomatoes came home and got mixed in salads for a couple of days. Actual heaven.

Fudge: Chocolate orange and a bar of Baileys.


Sundried tomato and basil bread. Dan missed out on this as I ate it up for dinner at work.


We tried some very yummy spiced Mohitos – essentially a normal mohito with some ginger ale.

We also come back with – Apple Liquor (made in a local Orchard – Liberty fields), Gooseberry Gin (Kent – Nip from the Hip), Wild strawberry Liquor (the Wiltshire Liquer company), Blood Orange Liquor (the Wiltshire Liquer company)a bottle of Honey Blonde Beer (Downton Brewery) . Yummy! Very much looking forward to making our way through these over the coming months.

I also came back with 250g of coffee from the Dorset Coffee company. French Vanilla – OMG it is so good!!

Apologies if I have forgotten anything. But it was a very long day and we did buy rather a lot – but at least I won’t need to do much food shopping for a few weeks!

Love to you all and Happy knitting!





Blankets, Dogs and Chunky Knits

So this week I’ve really had to sit and have a bit of a think. I used to be one of those people with the luxury of time. Now I’m not. So I’ve come to the conclusion that having multiple projects on the go is really not feasible any more. The problem is I need to focus my spare time on one project in order to make any sort of decent progress on it.

Currently, that focus is the Lavender Premature baby blanket. The problem is it is about 100 stitches of 4 ply and each line can take a while to knit – although I am steadily getting faster as I go through. But, on the bright side, I’m actually almost done.


Essentially, I’m just going to keep knitting until the yarn runs out. It’s about 8 lines an inch, so I’m thinking I’ve got enough yarn for about 3 or 4 more inches. So it’ll be just over 20 inches by the time it’s done. Which will be a pretty good size I think when it’s done.

On a side note, I’ve seen one of the women at the group do the crochet version of this pattern… I really can’t get it out of my mind. Has anyone got the pattern in a nice blanket or something? Otherwise I’ll go and ask her next week. So no panic 🙂

My next project is going to be a crochet one. A friend donated this set to me from a magazine she brought (she doesn’t crochet). Although the crochet hook is provided, I plan on using one of my own metal ones. I have a feeling this little guy won’t handle the tension. The hope is that this will be good practice for making more Octopus’s. I’m going to steadily build up a little collection of creatures on Lily’s windowsill and she can play with them when she stops putting things in her mouth!


I’ve also but working a little on my stocking stitch Harry Potter blanket this week…. my husband and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yesterday (amazing by the way!). I may have taking it in with me and have been doing stocking stitch in the dark… But it was useful as I managed to add a couple more inches to it. The hope is that by the time I’ve finished the dog I’ll be ready to start counting stitches for the silhouette of the blanket. Although, I do plan on getting the pattern printed in A3/A4 (depending on the resolution of the image I have) so I have something to mark the stitches off. So that’s something to get done in the next couple of weeks. Need to get in the habit of getting organised.

I’ve also finally figured out what I want to do with chunky knit pattern for the baby blanket I’m knitting for Lily. I’m currently knitting the bottom rectangle. I’m knitting short rows across on this. Then I plan on picking up stitches using a stash ball of rainbow yarn for a couple of rows. The 3 rows upwards will be picked up from the rainbow yarn. I’ll have to mattress stitch the 3 panels together. I’m going to do each one with a different texture – unless I do a one panel 3 texture design…. Then pick up a row for the rainbow line, then pick up another row for the final panel. It should become pretty interestingly textually I think.

Chunky Blanket pattern.png

So lots of planning this week 🙂 feeling pretty excited about the prospects for this year. I’m hoping that I can start picking up some commissioned pieces nearer Christmas or next year. I really need to start funding this habit… Especially now I’m starting to eye up more expensive yarn!

Anyone, I’m off for some more knitting.

Love to you all and happy knitting!





F.O – My first Crochet Project

Hello all 🙂

So this blog is pretty much Lily pictures and finished objects for a while. Now I’m back at work, my spare time is very limited. However, the spare time is being spent learning to crochet and some knitting – when I’m not cuddling Lily. I’m managing to fit in yarn related projects during my work breaks!

So in the last couple of months I’ve started to get my head around crochet – inspired mainly the Octopus for a Preemie facebook group. I have been trying to figure it out on and off for ages and it’s finally starting to click!


It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty proud of it. It’s not going to pass muster because there are some holes in the legs – going to use a smaller hook for them next time. But I’m hoping I can use this skill to help premature babies.

It’s my first time using cotton yarn – Patron DK – and it’s really lovely! The purple colour is solid, but the pink is variegated and really nice to use.

Essentially this skills is another excuse to buy yarn – although the hubby will be told it’s a way to use up my stash… what they don’t know?

Love to you all, I spent the day cuddling Lily and we had a lovely family picnic!


Happy knitting



Stitch markers 

Hay guys;

So I’m back to work this week, so not promising much in terms of blogging or knitting. Any knitting time I now have is during my dinner break and I’m also figuring out crochet. So not a lot of wip progress at the moment!

But I did get some time to make myself some new stitchmarkers over the weekend. They still need the jump rings soldering shut, but otherwise they’re done 🙂

Step one was amazon shopping. I brought a multipack of different sized jewellery clasps and a mixed pack of pendants.

Step two was the design. I found the tiny seed beeds in my stash if goodies at home. The marker felt likw it needed a pop of colour. I picked the largest pendants for the largest markers and so on.

Step three was join it all together and digout a storage box.

Large set

Medium set

Miny set

These were a super quick and easy make. I’ve been fonding the plastic ones seem to snap after a couple of outings. So hoping these will last a bit longer!

Thats all from me today

Love to you all and happy knitting!



My favourite items in my craft bag

Today I thought I’d share some if my favourite items that are always carried with me in a craft bag.

1. Pony wool needles.

With their large plastic loops, these have been super useful and so much more practicle than other yarn needles I’ve previously used.

2. Embrodery scissors

These are special to me because they used to belong to my grandmother. She can’t sew/embroider/knit or crochet anymore due to multiple reasons. But I hope that I can use these to inspire myself to be as good as she was.

Do you have any useful items in your craft bags? Please share below

Love to you all and happy knitting 



Work in Progress Update!

So I do appreciate that I haven’t posted much this week! In all honesty, this week is my last week of maternity leave and it has absolutely flown by. Any spare moment where Lily has been asleep has been spent knitting furiously!

Star Wars Scarf

After being sat in a bag in my cupboard since we moved in, it is now fully knitted, blocked and ready to back. I’m going to see what fabric I have in my stash for this one… So I’ll update you when I have some time to sew it on!

It’s definitely more of a Lily size scarf.

Patchwork Art of Knitting Blanket

So totally on the final countdown with this WIP now (It’s the Final Countdown!). So I’m super excited about the progress this week. It’s really starting to look awesome. When I’ve finished writing this post I’m going to get on with the rest of the sewing  – all the squares are fully blocked 🙂

I have today borrowed a set of KnitPro 120cm 4mm circular needles from mum (we’re both knitting obsessed) so I can pick up stitches for the border. I’m going to border in black DK and edge the border with some slightly thinner sparkly greeny DK from my stash.

Spare yarn blanket

In my excitement this week I’m also cast on the spare yarn blanket in an attempt to use up some of the yarn left from the patchwork blanket. I’m not joking when I say I have 2 gift boxes worth of spare yarn left….

Premmi baby blanket – Monday group

We knit for PremmieUK, with the yarn donated by a local funeral directors.

I’m knitting a Ripple design blanket for the first time in 4Ply. It’s a really light weight blanket and looking really nice – although it’s not particularly interesting to knit if I’m honest as it’s only 2 lines.

Octopus for a Premmi – Facebook group
This is my practice octo. Trying to figure out how to make the tentacles curl!

Knitting with tiny needles (2.25mm) in cotton (which is a first for me). My hands ache, but it’s for a good cause. Lily will probably be having this one, but it’s a useful chance to practice and figure out the pattern. Currently my tension seems good and I’m not seeing any holes!

In another exciting update this week – I have new hair!! Yes, for my new look I’ve gone part red head. If I’m honest I keep forgetting about it and catching sight of it in the mirror!


That’s all from me today!

Love to you all, Happy knitting!



Sunday Spotlight

So now the Prosseco has worn off I thought I would get my Sunday Spotlight post together. 

First of all, Happy Mother’s day all! Hope you all had a lovely day 🙂 Lily and Daddy got me this…

My cousin also got some beautiful pictures of Lily at my Grandmother’s today – the dress is Monsoon but brought from a charity shop!

1. Fog knits – WIP Wednesday March Madness

Firstly this week I would like to thank Fog Knits for making me feel that my multi wip state of being is not abmormal. 

She also has some beautiful wips on the needles and the hooks going at the moment – so go and have a nose if you need some inspiring!

  2. A Tangled Yarn Knitter – Cast on: Another baby Sophisticate

This baby cardigon looks like a super simple knit. Ideal for a baby knit -especially as it’s a free Ravelry download – as they just grow so quickly!!!

This lovely blogger has this as one of their staple knits (they’ve knitted it 8 times already!!!) and I think it’ll be somethink I might come back to when Lily is at the point where she’s running through muddy puddles! 

Although the pattern is pretty simplistic I think you could play with it a little and add additional details. 

3. Chronicle of ellen – Who Wore it Better?

Now this post really got the fire back under me to want to try Crochet again. I have a plan is place… so I’ll update you all later as it progresses. 

This story goes that the knitting bunting wasn’t working, but the crochet one did. I think the ability to do both disiplines would really help expand the potential of the yarn. 
4. Dartmoor yarns – In need of colour Good Vibrations

This post introduced me to a new technique – German Short Rows. I love the yarn and the scarf design… Seriously… go and have a look!

♡ Rainbow yarn!
5.  Erika Eckles – Naked knitting and these Sheepy Aromas

A really interesting rewiew on natural undyed british sheep yarn. Really worth a read!

 I’m really trying to understand more of the theory behind knitting, so blogs like this always make me sit up for a read.

So that’s it for me this Sunday 🙂 Thanks for all the fantastic blogs this week!

Love to you all