F.O. Crochet Doggy

Definately got the crochet bug… and definately have the blisters to prove it. 

Yes I’ve ordered a comfy grip 3.00mm hook from the local wool shop. I may have also come out with the equivalent 2.00mm hook, 2.5mm hook and a ball of Sidar variagated cotton prints DK…. 

O… and an order from wool warehouse turned up today. Cotton yarn from sugar n cream in lots of colours!! (Secret?).

So my crochet project this week was a little doggie. It was part of a freebie set from a mag… but I couldn’t cope with the acrylic. It kept fraying. So we now have a multicoloured doggie!

He sits up and everything! This little guy will start the collection of crochet designs I plan on making for Lily (I may have brought a pattern for a large cuddly unicorn for Lily….)

The aran weight cotton with a 3.00mm hook seems great for reducing holes. Although it is difficult to turn a cotton make inside out. I also recommend stuffing as you go because the lack of elasticity makes it really hard with stuffing at the end. 

Using the rest of the ball to make another alien to donate 🙂 Off to crochet while Lily has (finally) fallen asleep in my lap! Once the alien is done I get going on the scrap yarn blanket!

Love to you all and happy knitting 🙂



F.O. Octopus for a premmie (Knitted)

After about a month I’ve finally finished knitting an octopus. It’s the first toy thing I’ve successfully knitted  – which does make me pleased with how much my technical skills have increased.

It seriously hurt my hands though (lots of breaks did increase the time this project took)! Tiny lace circular needles and high tension to avoid holes were a must for this project – although this did mean I had to use a crochet hook and double crochet to bind off the tentacles.

Not very curly tentacles. But otherwise I am pretty pleased with it. The plan is to move onto the flat crochet makes as they seem quicker to produce. Also the crochet seems to give more curls!

Once I’ve made about 4 or 5 tentacle friends I’ll send them off to a coordinator to be cuddled by babies in NICUs in the UK.

Sorry for the short post. I’m frantically trying to get my purple premmi blanket finished because it’s been a WIP for a while and I would like to get it donated a week Monday ideally! Then I have my spare yarn blanket WIP to finish – although I’ll slip a mini octo project in the middle of those. So a few stash projects in progress.

Love to you all and happy knitting this bank holiday!!!



F.O – Knitting Patchwork Blanket

So in some big news – Drum roll please – I’ve finished the patchwork blanket. All the knitting, the sewing and cutting.

After 2 years, this project is finally done.


So after 2 years, 90 squares, a pregnancy and a baby… it’s all done!

This project came at a perfect time in my life. I saw the advertising for the Art of Knitting magazine at a time in my life where I wanted to get back into knitting, but didn’t know quiet where to start. So I started one square at a time.

Since starting this project, I’ve knitted hats, knitted a jumper, a blanket for Lily. It’s been a skill that has helped keep me sane for the last couple of years and really helps keep me balanced. I love how it’s improved my quality of life and I love the people I’ve met both on and offline because of knitting.

So love to you all

Happy knitting!


F.O – My first Crochet Project

Hello all 🙂

So this blog is pretty much Lily pictures and finished objects for a while. Now I’m back at work, my spare time is very limited. However, the spare time is being spent learning to crochet and some knitting – when I’m not cuddling Lily. I’m managing to fit in yarn related projects during my work breaks!

So in the last couple of months I’ve started to get my head around crochet – inspired mainly the Octopus for a Preemie facebook group. I have been trying to figure it out on and off for ages and it’s finally starting to click!


It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty proud of it. It’s not going to pass muster because there are some holes in the legs – going to use a smaller hook for them next time. But I’m hoping I can use this skill to help premature babies.

It’s my first time using cotton yarn – Patron DK – and it’s really lovely! The purple colour is solid, but the pink is variegated and really nice to use.

Essentially this skills is another excuse to buy yarn – although the hubby will be told it’s a way to use up my stash… what they don’t know?

Love to you all, I spent the day cuddling Lily and we had a lovely family picnic!


Happy knitting



Stitch markers 

Hay guys;

So I’m back to work this week, so not promising much in terms of blogging or knitting. Any knitting time I now have is during my dinner break and I’m also figuring out crochet. So not a lot of wip progress at the moment!

But I did get some time to make myself some new stitchmarkers over the weekend. They still need the jump rings soldering shut, but otherwise they’re done 🙂

Step one was amazon shopping. I brought a multipack of different sized jewellery clasps and a mixed pack of pendants.

Step two was the design. I found the tiny seed beeds in my stash if goodies at home. The marker felt likw it needed a pop of colour. I picked the largest pendants for the largest markers and so on.

Step three was join it all together and digout a storage box.

Large set

Medium set

Miny set

These were a super quick and easy make. I’ve been fonding the plastic ones seem to snap after a couple of outings. So hoping these will last a bit longer!

Thats all from me today

Love to you all and happy knitting!



F.O – Baby Blanket

As promised – I have managed to finish the weave effect Baby Blanket. This pattern was from the Love Knitting for Baby magazine Dec Issue.

I really did enjoy knitting this pattern – designed by the blogged Laura Strutt. It was really easy to follow and had enough aspects of the pattern that you could really personalise it. The design was also really quick to knit up when you get into the rhythm.


In addition, I also feel a lot more comfortable with picking up stitches than I was before I started. It’s really helped me understand how this technique can affect the structure of a garment.

Those of you with a keen eye may notice that the border does not match the colours used in the body of the blanket. That would be because I didn’t have enough wool left of the 2 balls of each colour for the border. I could have done with having 3 of each. So I found a ball of wool in John Lewis that I could order in next day collection. I was in such a rush to order the yarn (I really wanted to get the blanket finished) that I ended up ordering the slightly off red instead of the red.

Although, I’m actually really pleased with the overall effect and to make the colour look less like a mistake, I knitting the border with 5 rows rather than the advised 3. Personally, I think it gives the colour more of a pop.

Lily tested the blanket out this morning. We went on a walk while the sun was out. Although it was a bit chilly (hence the pick ASDA hat).


What have you lovely lot finished recently?

I’m off to focus on getting the patchwork finished (and giving Lily lots of cuddles)!

Mummy brain signing off



Baby update

So currently I’m cuddling with a sleeping baby Lily on the sofa. I was permitted to get some sleep last night in addition to a shower and breakfast this morning – so onto a win.

*writing pause while I get up to make a cup if tea one handed*


So Lily is doing well. She’s growing really well and changing every day. Although sleep still seems to be the theme of the day.

We also managed to get Lily in the tank top I knitted for her… It fits!!

I also managed to get a little knitting done on the blanket while Lily was getting cuddles with Nana.

So making some slow but steady progress there. But hopefully it should be done before Lily is out of nappies 🙂 It’s going to be used for the pram and the shade of red matches perfectly!

Hows everyone else’s projects going?

Sleep deprived mummy brain signing off

Mrs Kirsty Holl