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New Wip – Socks 1/12

Hello all – my name is Kirsty and I am addicted to knitting….

So, in all fairness, I’ve started another WIP because I needed a change from the shawl (garter stitch gets boring after a while) and I have finished the first yarn ball.


This is currently on hiatus while I jump to my first sock knit of the year.

As it’s my first project on DPNs I thought it might be best to start off on something small and easyish.


In all honesty, it took me a good 6 rows in to actually get the hang of this. It took ripping the first attempt apart and restarting to work out what on earth I needed the 5th needle for. Once I got started though the length soon started adding up.


By about row 5 it was feeling a lot less awkward knitting with about a zillion needles. Getting used to it now.

So my main yarn is Crofter 4ply baby fair isle effect from Sidar Snuggly (super soft). The pattern also wants some contrasting yarn for the heel – so we’re swapping to Regia 4ply verigated for that. We’ll see how these go. They might be for Lily if they fit, or they’ll be donated if they don’t. I can use this knit though to work out how much larger Lily will need it to be.


We tried Lily on orange and lemon yesterday – each slice was quickly demolished. She is quickly becoming a citrus lover! Now just to try her on some lime…

Love to you all and happy knitting



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Work in Progress Update – Pikachu

Just a quick update tonight 🙂 I just wanted to share with you my progress on the Pikachu I am crocheting from Sunshine Sugar n’ Cream Aran weight cotton yarn.



To be honest, it’s looking larger that I thought it would – which isn’t a bad thing. It will make the toy more substantial (it’s a Christmas present for Lily). The Sunshine yellow shade also looks fantastic – I’m also going to have to order some more off Amazon before I can progress any further though as this used up a lot more yarn than I thought I would.


The shaping of the body looks good. There is a distinctive head and body shape to it, which will hopefully become more pronounced as I add the features. Those are the next job when the yarn arrives!

That’s all from me at the minute. Trying to prep for the launch of Chapter one of my Novel tomorrow!

For participating in the 7th Annual Charleston Sports FestGiven this day 13th of June in the year 2020.

What are you all making at the moment? Would love to see your current favourite WIP – post in the comments below 🙂

Love to you all and happy knitting!



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W.I.P Pikachu (Crochet)

So the above just got frogged because I forgot to count stitches and ended up with twice as many as I needed. That was about 6 hours work (don’t judge 🙂 I’m new to crochet). So it was a rather heartbreaking realisation.

My first attempt at this adorable Pikachu was using this cotton yarn. Fairly good price on Amazon – although I did find it frayed really easily. I’m definitely not recommending it for beginners.

Personally, apart from finishing off the stash yarn, I won’t be using this again. DK weight but needs about 3.5mm hook to be even slightly usable. If anyone can suggest any recommended patterns for this I would welcome as I have a few balls of yellow, red and black to use up.

Now using this yarn:

Aran weight sugar n cream. Happy days. 3.00mm hook. It’s the same brand as I used for the dog and I should have started with it really.

This is where we are so far. Much more shaping this time! Definite progress

And from above…

This project seems to be a pick up and randomly put down type of in progress work. If I’m honest, I do find this rather frustrating. But it’s my own fault because I keep changing the bag it’s in – I was only able to get these photos by tidying my lounge and finding the last bag I took this to work in.

So locating it means I can hopefully make some progress on it this weekend while I’m curled up on the sofa recovering from the flu. Today I took my first sick day for 2 and a half years. Not a brag, just a general observation that I hate being sick and that I usually have a pretty good immune system.

Immune system – you have let me down. What’s really annoying is I’m going to miss my brother in laws stag do (a Total Wipeout style assault course).

Hopefully this might make some progress, we’re both off this weekend so I might get a chance to recharge.

Love to you all and Happy Knitting!



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WIP – Terribly Simple Shawl

So this is a super easy knit that I was inspired to do after seeing A Tangled Yarn’s blog post a few weeks ago. The pattern from Caitlin Ffrench got screen-shootted into my gallery and stored for a latter date.

I got bored and went rifling through my stash (mainly to see if I could justify buying more yarn – turn out that a no-go currently… damn). But what I did find was about 5 balls of cotton textured yarn which have little bobbles all the way through. Honestly, I only brought them because they were only 99p a ball…. Then I had no idea what to do with them…

…Until now.


I’m going to be honest, I love the effect it’s making – the textured yarn seems to match up really well with the lack of any interesting knitting pattern – but its so uncomfortable to knit with. This is a knit that needs to be done, as apposed to one to fall in love with. This is the first me knit I’ve done for a long time. It’s going to be my first shawl and I will take it to work with me – the aircon is freezing and it’d be nice to have an additional layer to hand to wrap around my shoulders!

The plan is to increase the size of the circular needles every 10cm or so to see what happens. Should also mean the long rows knit up a bit quicker!

That’s all from me for tonight. It’s been a long couple of days and I need to get some sleep!

Love to you all and happy Knitting!



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Week 31 – Confessions of an insomniac

To clarify, in this instance, where I say insomniac I actually mean fell asleep on the sofa at 6pm and woke up wide awake at midnight and now can’t get back to sleep again. So, as a result, I thought I would make use of the piece and quiet of the house and get on with everything I should have done yesterday.

About the only productive thing I did yesterday was go out an buy the carpet for the nursery. Apart from that I  managed to lose hours bingewatching “The Crown” on Netflix (amazing series following the early reign of Queen Elizabeth the II). I managed to finish it late afternoon…. I’m ashamed to say that although the knitting got considered, it never actually happened.

So, now that I’m awake at silly O’ Clock at night I thought I better get on with some stuff.

  1. write a blog for this week 🙂 – So I figured this might be a 2 birds one stone job. I’m really looking forward to having enough mental capacity to write multiple posts again in the week. But I’m trying my best to keep you all updated with a weekly one. Obviously, if you’re reading this I was actually successful!
  2. edit this weeks contribution to Mobile Mondays for the Youtube Channel my husband runs and I contribute content too 🙂 (He literally does 99% of the content). Managed this, so the video will be up on the channel at 7pm tonight. 
  3. finish a Powerpoint for a coding class for kids that I help out with through the Digital Eagles scheme at work. Completed and emailed. So feeling pretty good right about now – even though it’s 3:41am….
  4. Get some knitting done. I’m hoping that putting this last might mean I’m tired enough that this might relax me back to sleep again. Although that will be back on the sofa in order to prevent having to wake my husband up again at at even more stupid O’ Clock later.

Bubs update: Well bubs has grown again! (I kid you not!). I have completely lost the ability to bend over and I’m generally feeling massive. Yesterday I spent the entire day feeling very pregnant. Bubs kept moving into very uncomfortable positions and I get the impression bubs is running out of room in there. My husband has also been able to feel lots of kicks this week, which has been really exciting to have him feel more involved.

The carpet should be going down in the nursery today. So that will be an exciting bit of progress. Once that’s down we can put the doors on the cupboard and start making the space feel more like a room.

Another thing: pretty much none of my T-shirts fits now. The only ones I can still wear were brought from the men’s section. My work wardrobe is very slimline at the moment.  But, including this week, only 7 weeks to go before I leave for maternity leave for a few months. So hopefully I can eeek out what I have for these last few weeks and now show off the skin of my bump too much!

Knitting Update (because this is the fun part): Having now finished the heel of these red socks that have taken far longer to knit then they should have…. I’m now on the nice bit of lengthening the foot portion before I complete the toe end. So fingers crossed they fit!

Note: I fell asleep about 4:30am… But at least it was productive….

Baby brain signing off



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Square 75 – Stocking stitch striped

As always, the stocking stitch gives a beautiful finish. With these contrasting colours it really does finish off the square.

My yarn OCD kicked in after I finished this and I had to reball the remainder of the pink before I could get anything else done…

That’s better 🙂

A bit of double moss stitch practice. Although I still dislike the navy. In most lights it is so difficult to even properly see the pattern you’re knitting with it…

So my next square is square 29…. umm wait a minute…. I think I might have knitted this before….

Lesson to learn… check the checklist before picking out a pattern to knit!!

With that Epiphany, I started hunting through the remaining mags for another double moss stitch square – seems a shame to waste the knitting. I found one! It’s in a different colour, so I’ll have to swap the next navy square I knit for a pink one… but I’m not that bothered about using the double moss in a dark colour as I’m not that bothered by the pattern anyway!

So, thankfully, disaster averted. I’m now knitting square 63! So that was a bit of an exciting morning… 🙂

On the bright side though it is still a step closer to finishing – here’s the rest of my checklist. There are 90 issues in this series 🙂 So I’m almost got all of them. I only have a couple a months worth of issues to go. Nearly there!!

Baby brain signing off



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W.I.P. – Those Socks

My original thought with this project was ‘ooo, socks on a straight needle, this could be fun…’.

This pattern has literally had me pulling my hair out. The worst bit that its not even the heel or anything thats causing the issue. For some reason getting the ribbing started seemed to be something difficult. Who knew counting to 2 multiple times could be so difficult?

I have literally had to unpick the first 4 rows about 4 times.

But this is a stash knit and my first pair of socks so I would not let them beat me.

This week seems to have made some progress (13 rows!!). I admit that this was accompanied by a number of expletives.

The worst bit is I have to somehow get this started a second time. Why do socks have to come as a pair?!?!?

Baby brain signing off

Happy knitting