Puzzled about Happiness

So yesterday I listened to a podcast about Happiness from The Minimalists. I love the content these guys produce because it really resonates with the type of lifestyle that I want to achieve.

What is happiness? I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with balance. If it’s not carefully balanced then you over burn yourself.

We’re constantly being told through marketing that we need X or Y to be happy, that we need to weigh A or look like C or have this amazing fantastic job that pays loads of money for a big beautiful house.

Personally, what makes me happy is when I spend time with my husband, daughter, family or close friends. I find my job actually makes me happy as it allows me to give back to the world around me and help support local organisations. It also challenges me – which is something that keeps my mind really positively stimulated. Anything yarn related makes me happy as it forces me to concentrate on the now – meaning I don’t have my hands free for social media or my phone. It helps me focus on being still and relaxed.

But in contrast, to much work makes me to exhausted to be able to be able to do anything else. Not having time to knit means that I don’t have the chance to unwind. Not enough time on my own means I don’t have the presence of mind to be able to connect with others when I want to be enjoying their company.

It’s funny that I’m 26 and I’m still figuring out what sort of life I need for me to be happy. I want to gain a better understanding so that I can figure out how to teach my daughter how to not get to overwhelmed and help her figure things out. Happiness is a pretty puzzling concept.
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Work in Progress Update – Pikachu

Just a quick update tonight 🙂 I just wanted to share with you my progress on the Pikachu I am crocheting from Sunshine Sugar n’ Cream Aran weight cotton yarn.



To be honest, it’s looking larger that I thought it would – which isn’t a bad thing. It will make the toy more substantial (it’s a Christmas present for Lily). The Sunshine yellow shade also looks fantastic – I’m also going to have to order some more off Amazon before I can progress any further though as this used up a lot more yarn than I thought I would.


The shaping of the body looks good. There is a distinctive head and body shape to it, which will hopefully become more pronounced as I add the features. Those are the next job when the yarn arrives!

That’s all from me at the minute. Trying to prep for the launch of Chapter one of my Novel tomorrow!

For participating in the 7th Annual Charleston Sports FestGiven this day 13th of June in the year 2020.

What are you all making at the moment? Would love to see your current favourite WIP – post in the comments below 🙂

Love to you all and happy knitting!



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Progress Update Number 2

So Lily/bubs/Munchkin is now 6 1/2 months old. To me that is just insane. We are currently outgrowing our 6-9 months clothing in favour of 9-12 month (all the food appears to be powering her height increase). 

We that in mind, I thought now would be a good time for another progress update.


Dear a probably very tired me,

You’re now the mother of a nearly 1 year old bubs and you’re at the end of what was probably the most challenging and rewarding year of your life. Fingers crossed you managed to not lose bubs anywhere… in which case win! Honestly, if bubs is happy and healthy by this point then this has been successful year. Bubs should have also had most of the Harry Potter series read to bubs already 🙂

Bubs has still not been left or lost anywhere (happy days). Harry potter series not happening yet. We don’t have nearly enough patience unless it’s fluffly or textured.

Hopefully by next year the blog will have also grown. In 2016 we hit the 100 followers milestone, the plan is to double that by the end of 2017. If we can get there then that would be awesome. With the arrival of bubs I would like to start earning a little bit of money off the blog so that I can start funding advertising and get the blog it’s own URL. With bubs there is unlikely to be any money to self fund much. The hope is that I can do some guest blogging and potentially get some paid gigs out of it. If I am funding my own craft habit by the end of 2017 then the other half will reward with serious brownie points 🙂

So we’re up to 129 followers, which is pretty stead on with the progress. Hopefully this should go hand in hand with me posting more. It’s also great writing practice for me if I can blog 6 days a week. 

So on the job front: the plan is to start back at work around the end of March/ beginning of April time line. By then bubs will be about 3 months old and should hopefully be sleeping through the night (fingers crossed). The plan is then to start hunting out a promotion at work by about the middle of the year. My plan is to have a career, being a working mum is going to be really hard, but I know it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Attempted for a promotion, got an interview but not the role. Disappointing, but the feedback will be really useful for the future and my current role means I can spend more time with Lily, which I’m really enjoying as she gets bigger. 

By the time you’re reading this, that book will be finished and actually published on Amazon. Because this is getting seriously ridiculously stupid if not as if this is still not done by now you have definitely need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. This has now been in editing for half a decade and it needs to be published.

This is something I’m starting from August. It’ll be posted in chapters on here and wattpad in a bid to get feedback. Hopefully we’ll get proper release early December. 

I don’t have any massive hopes for my knitting this year (I’m pretty sure that in my sleep induced haze I’ll be struggling to count rows and stitches). But if I can get in a few cute knits for bubs then all will be well. The plan is also to really improve my sock knitting – I’m thinking by now I’ll have knitted at least 12 pairs (1 a month on average). They’ll have been good sized travelling companions this year and I will hopefully have a few cute pairs of pretty socks. Recently I heard of a woman who donated a load of blankets she’s knitting to the Salvation Army, so that would be cool if I could have some spare knits by now to donate.

The knitting (and now crochet) is actually going a lot better than expected. This has definitely been my sanity saver! 

#Edit to knitting plan (Caused by my addiction to buying yarn!)

– Finish the Red/Blue Pram Blanket Done

– Finish the knitted patchwork blanket Done

– 12 pairs of socks The plan with this one is to do a little set between balls of wool on the shawl. 

– This jumper for bubs. It’s mainly ribbing and stocking stitch – so not a massive stretch of the imagination to get this finished! Need to get this knitted as it won’t be long until it fits her!)

– Get started on this pattern for bubs This ones for when she’s a bit bigger. But she’s growing a lot faster than I predicted.

By now you should have actually completed your first 10K race. After having to put the first one off from April 2016 (turns out that exhaustion was due to bubs!) you should now have got your fitness up enough to be able to run 10K again. If not then I am very disappointed as I feel like the exercise will help keep the stress levels to a minimum and keep some sort of sanity together. You’ll also be going climbing at least twice a month in an attempt to tone up some core muscles again – and climbing is super fun.

#Edited Run Plan:

June/July = 5K Race – Completed.

The rest of the races may get pushed until next year. I don’t have the time or the energy to do much running. However, now we’ve got Lily moved into the cot we might see. 

August = 10K race – Need to book.

End Sept = Half Marathon – Need to book, but would like to do the New Forest one

Nov/Dec Time = Marathon – Need to book

Financially I would really like to reduce how much I spend. If I could do that then we could save a lot more. So hopefully by the time I’m reading this I will have some savings and reduced how much I’ve been spending. But fingers crossed… I might have even be able to siphon some off for yarn…

We have a new budget in place. We’ll have to see how that works, but I do now have a set amount of money for me stuff. Need to get used to learning to budget with that. Hoping I can use it to help with the blogging. 

So future me, I hope you’ve managed to at least meet most some of the above. With bubs keeping you busy I imagine you’ve had some sort of serious adjusting to do. But fingers crossed you’ve managed to stay on top of most of it!

Bye me and I hope you’ve had an exciting 2017!


So that’s my half year touch base. Starting to think that I might have bitten more than I can chew this year. But it’s so hard for me not to have things to do. Need to work on that.

Need to prioritise knitting goals, blog and writing in terms of me stuff. 

Love to you all have happy knitting


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Baby Clothing Sizes

Motherhood is absolutely the most exhausting thing I have ever done. So with normal, everyday choices, I really need things to be simple. I’ve just spent an hour convincing a giggly 6 month old (in between yawns and suspiciously tired looking eye rubs) that she really needed to sleep.

Hope that really helps the point hit home.

What I need to be easily able to identify is, as now, when she has a growth spurt that all her long sleeve tops will not fit her any more.  This is actually not the case – because they are all different sizes. It was worth for 0-3 months in terms of differentiation, but I don’t currently have access to the data.

Let me give this some perspective. Babies clothing is usually found as: Newborn (we never fit in those), 0-3 months (we grew out of these really quickly), 3-6 months (way to many things with labels still on), 6-9 months (the stuff we’re just starting to box up), 9-12 month (what should have been winter stuff but will now need to be worn over the summer) 12-18 months and so on.

Within this are variations on what weight limit the shops classify as the average weights your babies will be. To give you some idea here is some data from my 6-9 month collection in my washing pile earlier:

Tesco F&F: 20ib (Height: 74cm)

Mini Mode: No weight (Height: 68-70cm)

JoJo Maman Bebe: 6-12 month. No height or weight measurements. (but its from a dungaree style dress so it will fit for a lot longer)

Disney baby and George (ASDA): 21ib (68-74cm)

Disney baby (Tesco): 20ib (Height 74cm)

Mantaray at Debenhams: 21ibs (Height 74cm)

Next: 21ibs (No height)

Pep&Co: 21ibs (No Height)

Mothercare: 20ibs (No height)

Which is a complete pain as you can end up with a couple of weeks growth use between one shirt and another. Which means you have to filter through your washing as they grow out of things.

Lily is at a point where she loves to wiggle. Trying on every shirt individually is just not usually an option. So I need to be able to do bulk removals of clothing into the loft. Currently I have to leave the pile growing in a box for 2-3 weeks while she grows out of the bigger stuff and starts to be able to fit into the smaller stuff of the next size up.

Why can’t shops just start to mirror up on their sizes?

I ask – why can’t shops use the weight limit as their sizing for babies? This would make my life so much easier. At least it would also be clear then when I purchased the clothing how long she might be in them for.

I’m not really asking for that much – am I?

What are your thoughts? Have you ever been annoyed at children’s clothing?

Love to you all and happy knitting




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Happy 4 Years

So according to WordPress I actually registered an account here 4 years ago today. Wow, that’s gone fast. It has been such an exciting journey with you all. I’ve learnt to knit pretty well and become much more confident with my writing and style. I’ve also become more focused on sorting out my life.

4 years ago there was the husband, but no house and no baby and I was working in my first job after graduation. So life was pretty different.

In all honesty, I’m struggling to work out how the time has gone by so quickly. It has been all systems go though. So it has been pretty tiring. This last couple of months has been particularly manic though. Hoping everything is going to calm down – I’ve barely picked up my needles in the last month.

Keeping up with Lily is fun. She’s now 6 months, sitting up and attempting to eat everything – including staring at my food intently in the hopes she might get something. Although I managed to get to knitting group for the first time in a month yesterday – managed to actually do some knitting because Lily could sit up and play with toys (in between trying to get people to pay attention to her by shouting). That was definitely a first.

They say bad things come in 3’s. I’m hoping that’s true and things will start to calm down now. A family member has been diagnosed with a heart condition, our car has been written off after someone went into the back of us the other week and my grandmother has just had her hip operated on. So I really am hoping that is everything and things will start looking up.

Fingers crossed hay 🙂


On a more positive note, we had our 5 year wedding anniversary at the beginning of July. We spent the day in Weymouth and had a family trip to the SeaLife Centre. Lily was fascinated by the lights and the fishes. We’ve also been together 9 years this year – so we’ve been through a lot together and thankfully still really happy.


Might need to get Lily a fish tank style light for her bedroom at some point….

Anyhow I have a finished object and a couple of WIP posts to write. So hopefully you’ll be able to see what I’ve been up to ASAP.

Love to you all and happy knitting



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A Wedding + A Zoo = Photography Practice

So this weekend I’ve been away at a family wedding in Bristol. The really cool thing about this wedding was that it was at Bristol zoo! So between food and more food (I kept to my vow of no alcohol – apart from one cheeky glass with bubbles). So a long day was not actually as tiring as I originally thought it would be. The venue, and the bride, were also beautiful and the food was amazing. So a fantastic day.

It also meant my hand was lovely and steady for photography. Getting a chance to photograph animals was really fun and a great way to practice with the camera. Here’s a few of my favourite pictures from the day.

Wedding Themed Pictures:




Zoo Pictures







Happy knitting all 🙂



Time Capsule – a bit more about me

This post was inspired by The King Crew with some fantastic blogging prompts.

Time Capsule Create a time capsule post about yourself. Current favorites, what’s going on in the world and in your life, things that are special to you, favorite item of clothing, etc. Then set a reminder to re-read it in a year!

I’m going to do a slight variation on this prompt. A bit of a past and present About Me style post. Hope you enjoy a few little sneak glimpses in my life and history.

Old Pictures of Me

A few years ago I found a stash of old family photos at my nans. They were all taken with the old film cameras and were in some old family albums. It was such a treasure trove and I wanted to share a few of my finds with you all 🙂 They’ve gone from being hidden in a draw to being hidden on my computer.

me as angel with mum
I was an angel once – This was taken when I was in a nativity play in Pre-school
me and grandad john
This is one of the only pictures I have with just me and my grandad (he is still alive!) and I see him a lot. Just not where lots of pictures get taken. But I really love this picture – even though I wasn’t really helping much.
Church Camp 2000 (31)
This was taken up at a church camp when I was about 11 or 12. I think this was taken at Corfe Castle in Dorset. My hair hasn’t actually changed that much….
France 2001 (35)
I actually thought I looked amazing when this picture was taken. To my embarrassment it was then hung up in the hallway at home for years…. I don’t think I have ever worn that much pink since!
fayes wediing
This was a picture of me as a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding. I’ve hardly worn this shade of blue since. But I feel like I should. Knitting project!!!

Wedding Snaps – July 2012.

In July 2012, my husband and I tied the knot. It was such a fun day, surrounded by family and friends. Then it was followed by 2 amazing weeks in Disney in Florida.

The photographer spotted what this looked like. We thought it was hilarious. I still need to get this framed.
To be totally honest, this is one of my favourite pics of me from the day. I’d literally just put everything on and was feeling so nervous and excited about what was to come for the rest of the day. No-one can really tell you what to expect.
I love this close up shot of our rings/hands. It’s also about the only picture that made getting my nails done worth-while 🙂
One of the more serious style shots near the fountain. It was starting to rain, so the limo guys lent us an umbrella – which turned out to be a fabulous prop!
I found these blue diamonte stickers on EBAY (my best friend when I started hunting for wedding goodies). They became my ‘something blue’. The shoes were found in Next and matched perfectly – especially with the butterflies.

Holiday Snaps – Portugal May 2014

Last year my husband and I went to Portual for a week. We had a fab deal for about £500 all inclusive including flights and 4* hotel. Last minute deals were a definite best friend of mine last year.

I was a great week away, really warm and some amazing memories. It was a great chance to relax by the pool, go exploring and soak up some much needed rays.

DSCF4553 DSCF4559 DSCF4614 (2) DSCF4618

Now – September 2015

Current favourites:

Music: Here a link to a few videos of my favourite songs on Youtube.

Colour: Red. I’ve got a love for strong colours.

Person: My husband Dan. He’s my best friend as well.

What’s going on in the world and in your life?

So just brought my first home with my husband last month. Which is a really exciting development for us. We’ve spend the last month busily decorating the inside of it and our sofa’s are finally coming tomorrow. I’m so bored of sitting on hard chairs! Most of the decoration is done now and we are so close to being able to move the last of our stuff in.

Things that are special to you?

My knitting needles. Sad I know. But I thought I’d lost them last week and I literally pulled the house apart looking for them.

My gerbils (also known as my babies) are also pretty damn special to me too. They’re super cute and really friendly. But them make such a mess.

So that’s a little more about me. Would love for you to post links to your blog below if you do a similar post. Thanks for The King Krew for the inspiration for the post.

I’m off to carry on knitting my christmas knitting. I have a scarf on the go at the moment. One of a few on the gift list.