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F.O Baby Socks

So I’ve finished my first pair of socks! These were the Baby Mitten Socks by Fuzzy Mitten. The pattern was really easy to follow and a great project if you’ve not tried DPN needles before. These socks are knitted Leg down.

The bottom sock was the first one I knitted following the pattern exactlyish (I have a feeling I miscounted somewhere as ribbing went a bit skewy on top of the sock).

For the second sock I changed a few things up – the first sock was to small for Lily anyway so I figured this may as well become a learning exercise.


Rather than going straight into the ribbing  – as the pattern suggested – I did one K row and this seems to have created a more stretchy leg tubing than the first one.

Rather than stocking stitch I changed the heel to K stitch. The texture looks pretty cool. But I think with coloured yarn in this case doesn’t need to extra detailing.

This was a super quick project and I’m definitely a sock convert! Looking forward to trying out my next pair. I have a toe-up pattern I want to try after finishing another yarn ball on my white textured shawl.

Love to you all and happy knitting!!



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New Wip – Socks 1/12

Hello all – my name is Kirsty and I am addicted to knitting….

So, in all fairness, I’ve started another WIP because I needed a change from the shawl (garter stitch gets boring after a while) and I have finished the first yarn ball.


This is currently on hiatus while I jump to my first sock knit of the year.

As it’s my first project on DPNs I thought it might be best to start off on something small and easyish.


In all honesty, it took me a good 6 rows in to actually get the hang of this. It took ripping the first attempt apart and restarting to work out what on earth I needed the 5th needle for. Once I got started though the length soon started adding up.


By about row 5 it was feeling a lot less awkward knitting with about a zillion needles. Getting used to it now.

So my main yarn is Crofter 4ply baby fair isle effect from Sidar Snuggly (super soft). The pattern also wants some contrasting yarn for the heel – so we’re swapping to Regia 4ply verigated for that. We’ll see how these go. They might be for Lily if they fit, or they’ll be donated if they don’t. I can use this knit though to work out how much larger Lily will need it to be.


We tried Lily on orange and lemon yesterday – each slice was quickly demolished. She is quickly becoming a citrus lover! Now just to try her on some lime…

Love to you all and happy knitting



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F.O. – my first pair of socks!

So my sock virginity has finally been broken! I offically finished these off on Friday – but it took me a couple of days to get this post together 🙂

So the pattern was from my Art of Knitting magazine. It was designed as a beginners sock pattern on straight needles. That was a fairly good classification I think. Don’t get me wrong, there were lots I needed to google. But it wasn’t a huge learning curve and the instructions (for the most part) were pretty easy to follow. 

Apart from the feet (which were a little big), the rest of the sock fits really well. The leg portion seems to stay up without any issues and is the length I wanted it to be. 

I wore them to work on Friday with my black ugg boots. It was cold outside and I really wanted an excuse to wear them!! This is my favourite thing about knitting – being able to actually wear stuff you have made (I’m wearing my original green scraf a lot at the moment!).

Long term though the plan is for these to be indoor socks. I figured they would be really comfy around the house during my maternity leave with bubs! 🙂 

Thanks so much for all the support and advice during this knit – seriously could not have got to this point without you all! 

Next stop is to cast on a tank top for bubs. Will update you with that one during the week! 

Baby brain signing off



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W.I.P. – Those Socks

My original thought with this project was ‘ooo, socks on a straight needle, this could be fun…’.

This pattern has literally had me pulling my hair out. The worst bit that its not even the heel or anything thats causing the issue. For some reason getting the ribbing started seemed to be something difficult. Who knew counting to 2 multiple times could be so difficult?

I have literally had to unpick the first 4 rows about 4 times.

But this is a stash knit and my first pair of socks so I would not let them beat me.

This week seems to have made some progress (13 rows!!). I admit that this was accompanied by a number of expletives.

The worst bit is I have to somehow get this started a second time. Why do socks have to come as a pair?!?!?

Baby brain signing off

Happy knitting



Inspiration from others

Toddler feet

Looking for a new project? This is a fantastic piece of inspiration for your next project.

knit the hell out

kiddo charade-2Getting Z to model two pieces of knitwear in one week is definitely an anomaly. Maybe if I continually get input from her or show her ongoing projects she will be more enthusiastic about the end result. As soon as I showed her these socks she insisted on putting them on, even though it is in the mid 80’s outside. kiddo charadeThe variegated yarn is leftover Manos Alegria in Macachines. The blue is leftover Luna Grey Fiber Arts Astro in Harbor. I used my Kiddo Kicks pattern as a skeleton with the stitch pattern from Charade inserted for a pattern.  kiddo charade-3Z now has three pairs of socks in a 3-5 yr size that should fit for next winter. These have a little room at the toes for growth, but they’re not so big she can’t wear them as soon as it gets cold.

My TTTKAL Togue Pond was not finished on…

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