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F.O Baby Socks

So I’ve finished my first pair of socks! These were the Baby Mitten Socks by Fuzzy Mitten. The pattern was really easy to follow and a great project if you’ve not tried DPN needles before. These socks are knitted Leg down.

The bottom sock was the first one I knitted following the pattern exactlyish (I have a feeling I miscounted somewhere as ribbing went a bit skewy on top of the sock).

For the second sock I changed a few things up – the first sock was to small for Lily anyway so I figured this may as well become a learning exercise.


Rather than going straight into the ribbing  – as the pattern suggested – I did one K row and this seems to have created a more stretchy leg tubing than the first one.

Rather than stocking stitch I changed the heel to K stitch. The texture looks pretty cool. But I think with coloured yarn in this case doesn’t need to extra detailing.

This was a super quick project and I’m definitely a sock convert! Looking forward to trying out my next pair. I have a toe-up pattern I want to try after finishing another yarn ball on my white textured shawl.

Love to you all and happy knitting!!



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F.O Baby hat

So I was pleased as punch when I found this pattern in a Julia’s house charity shop about a month ago – a complete bargin at 50p! I’ve had a huge ball of this lovely white aran yarn in my stash for years with no idea what to do with it. So this also became a stash project to – so total win on this one!

It was a really nice knit – and I also learnt the LT stitch which cause a really cool twist that runs up the hat. The only problem was the decrease at the end which involved knitting in pattern. Had to get some help from the lovely ladies in the knitting circle!

The pom pom was my first make with the maker I brought from the knitting and stitching show (see the multipom frame in the picture below). It was by far the fastest pom pom I have ever made. The concept of a scrap yarn pompom rug for Lilly’s room is looking more likely (but definitely not until after we stop eating things!) as I don’ think it will take a horrendous amount of time to make the required pom poms.


So the hat is about size 6-9 months (Lily has a large head). Although it does fit Lily, this one is going to be donated. The next project out of this yarn will be the matching cardigon. I love the cross over front – the other patterns I picked up on the day had a similar design.

That’s all for the minute. Will try and find some time to update you on my current wips! I have been knitting and attempting the crochet…

Love to you all and happy knitting



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F.O – Knitting Patchwork Blanket

So in some big news – Drum roll please – I’ve finished the patchwork blanket. All the knitting, the sewing and cutting.

After 2 years, this project is finally done.


So after 2 years, 90 squares, a pregnancy and a baby… it’s all done!

This project came at a perfect time in my life. I saw the advertising for the Art of Knitting magazine at a time in my life where I wanted to get back into knitting, but didn’t know quiet where to start. So I started one square at a time.

Since starting this project, I’ve knitted hats, knitted a jumper, a blanket for Lily. It’s been a skill that has helped keep me sane for the last couple of years and really helps keep me balanced. I love how it’s improved my quality of life and I love the people I’ve met both on and offline because of knitting.

So love to you all

Happy knitting!


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Home Science Experiment – Blue Dye and Daffodils

This was an experiment I had a go at back at home in April this year. I was having a look though the content on my old blog and re-found this one 🙂 Would love to try this again with more colours and with white flowers 🙂 

I almost never have fresh flowers at home (this is the first time I’ve used this vase). So I couldn’t miss the opportunity to give this idea a go. I remember from my school days doing this with celery.

In terms of the final colour outcome, it depends on the colour of the flowers. So for a true final colour you might want to find some white flowers. However, Daffodils are a really cheap idea for Spring.

The flowers absorb water through capillary action up tiny little ‘pipes’ within the structure. To add the additional colour all you need to do is add about 20ml of food colouring. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just find a cheap one on the shelf at a local hobby store or supermarket.


The daffodils came from Tesco’s (2 x £1).

Make sure you buy ones that are unopened otherwise it won’t work as well.

I had the food colouring in my kitchen drawer.

Day 2

Came downstairs to find the daffodils had opened up over night. Some of the daffodils have started to absorb the dye.

Day 3

Some more of the daffodils have started to open. Creating a really funky colour mixture.

My kitchen is looking more and more like spring.

If you are also looking for an Easter experiment this is super easy.

Please ping me an message if you have a go at this 🙂 I would love to see the results!