W.I.P update

Hi all! 

For reasons I’m not going to share, I’ve ended up having a lot of knitting time this week – Lilys fine just incase you were starting to worry!

But what that does mean is that I’ve finished the picture on Lily’s blanket! I’ve still got at least another 20cm of knitting and the border to go. But this last bit should be pretty quick. 

I’m really pleased with how its turned out. Slightly edited the design to make the top of the head rounder. That’s the additional stitches in dark blue in the pic below at the one end for the top few rows. 

So off to continue knitting. Will get the colour finished and border done for the top end. Then will pick up stitches to extend colour and do border for the bottom. So nearlly there!!!

Hopefully the next one for this blanket will be a finished object post… 

Love to you all and happy knitting!



F.O. Octopus for a premmie (Knitted)

After about a month I’ve finally finished knitting an octopus. It’s the first toy thing I’ve successfully knitted  – which does make me pleased with how much my technical skills have increased.

It seriously hurt my hands though (lots of breaks did increase the time this project took)! Tiny lace circular needles and high tension to avoid holes were a must for this project – although this did mean I had to use a crochet hook and double crochet to bind off the tentacles.

Not very curly tentacles. But otherwise I am pretty pleased with it. The plan is to move onto the flat crochet makes as they seem quicker to produce. Also the crochet seems to give more curls!

Once I’ve made about 4 or 5 tentacle friends I’ll send them off to a coordinator to be cuddled by babies in NICUs in the UK.

Sorry for the short post. I’m frantically trying to get my purple premmi blanket finished because it’s been a WIP for a while and I would like to get it donated a week Monday ideally! Then I have my spare yarn blanket WIP to finish – although I’ll slip a mini octo project in the middle of those. So a few stash projects in progress.

Love to you all and happy knitting this bank holiday!!!



Sunday Spotlight

So now the Prosseco has worn off I thought I would get my Sunday Spotlight post together. 

First of all, Happy Mother’s day all! Hope you all had a lovely day 🙂 Lily and Daddy got me this…

My cousin also got some beautiful pictures of Lily at my Grandmother’s today – the dress is Monsoon but brought from a charity shop!

1. Fog knits – WIP Wednesday March Madness

Firstly this week I would like to thank Fog Knits for making me feel that my multi wip state of being is not abmormal. 

She also has some beautiful wips on the needles and the hooks going at the moment – so go and have a nose if you need some inspiring!

  2. A Tangled Yarn Knitter – Cast on: Another baby Sophisticate

This baby cardigon looks like a super simple knit. Ideal for a baby knit -especially as it’s a free Ravelry download – as they just grow so quickly!!!

This lovely blogger has this as one of their staple knits (they’ve knitted it 8 times already!!!) and I think it’ll be somethink I might come back to when Lily is at the point where she’s running through muddy puddles! 

Although the pattern is pretty simplistic I think you could play with it a little and add additional details. 

3. Chronicle of ellen – Who Wore it Better?

Now this post really got the fire back under me to want to try Crochet again. I have a plan is place… so I’ll update you all later as it progresses. 

This story goes that the knitting bunting wasn’t working, but the crochet one did. I think the ability to do both disiplines would really help expand the potential of the yarn. 
4. Dartmoor yarns – In need of colour Good Vibrations

This post introduced me to a new technique – German Short Rows. I love the yarn and the scarf design… Seriously… go and have a look!

♡ Rainbow yarn!
5.  Erika Eckles – Naked knitting and these Sheepy Aromas

A really interesting rewiew on natural undyed british sheep yarn. Really worth a read!

 I’m really trying to understand more of the theory behind knitting, so blogs like this always make me sit up for a read.

So that’s it for me this Sunday 🙂 Thanks for all the fantastic blogs this week!

Love to you all



W.I.P. Progress Update – Baby Blanket

So with the arrival of my needles I have been able to make a start on this awesome looking baby blanket!

So a quick reminder- this is is image from the pattern…

I decided to run with some slightly brighter colours… using the recommended Rowan 100% pure superwash wool.

Once I’d made a start I was really pleased with my choice 🙂

The pattern instructions are really easy to follow. Deffinately loving this pattern. The only major drawback is it is really repetitive. But the F.O. will be worth it 🙂 

Baby brain signing off



A quick last minute WIP

So while I’m waiting for my needles to make an appearence I figured I could cross something off my To-Do list.

I got the yarn and the instructions as a freebie with the last issue delivery of my art of knitting mag 🙂 It would be great to actually be able to wear the hat while its still cold outside.

This is the really funky coloured wool that it came with…

So I’ve managed to cast on the base row of this pattern. Now to get on with some serious knitting!

I’m hoping this will be a nice quick knit I can do in a couple of days!

Baby brain signing off



W.I.P – New WIP. Baby Tank Top

Now those socks have finished I can finally get started on my first baby knit! This was the reason I wanted to learn to knit in the first place – so I could knit for my own baby. 

I picked this pattern up in my local knitting shop – 3605 King Cole.

I couldn’t get the original wool the pattern recommended, but the lady told me this was the closest they had. I’m rather in love – Humpty Dumpty Wondersoft. Baby DK by Stylecraft.It’s self striping, so it’s going to be lovely watching this come together.

I cast on the back of the top on Friday night when I got home from work… 8 lines of ribbing in 3 1/4.

I then sat in Costa for a few hours (with one seriously yummy large Toasted marshmellow Hot Chocolate). Now TV on my phone – Criminal Minds as seems to be the theme at the moment. Managed to move onto the stocking stitch in 4mm and make some progress there as well.

I am seriously in love with the pattern this wool makes!

The beauty of stocking stitch is that it knits up pretty quickly. So hoping to make some serious progress on this – I would like to get on with a few bubs knits before xmas! (At some point I could do with a new scarf too… but that will depend on whats in my stash and time).

Wish me luck!

Baby brain signing off



F.O. – my first pair of socks!

So my sock virginity has finally been broken! I offically finished these off on Friday – but it took me a couple of days to get this post together 🙂

So the pattern was from my Art of Knitting magazine. It was designed as a beginners sock pattern on straight needles. That was a fairly good classification I think. Don’t get me wrong, there were lots I needed to google. But it wasn’t a huge learning curve and the instructions (for the most part) were pretty easy to follow. 

Apart from the feet (which were a little big), the rest of the sock fits really well. The leg portion seems to stay up without any issues and is the length I wanted it to be. 

I wore them to work on Friday with my black ugg boots. It was cold outside and I really wanted an excuse to wear them!! This is my favourite thing about knitting – being able to actually wear stuff you have made (I’m wearing my original green scraf a lot at the moment!).

Long term though the plan is for these to be indoor socks. I figured they would be really comfy around the house during my maternity leave with bubs! 🙂 

Thanks so much for all the support and advice during this knit – seriously could not have got to this point without you all! 

Next stop is to cast on a tank top for bubs. Will update you with that one during the week! 

Baby brain signing off