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642 Things to write about – A story where each sentence begins with a different letter of the alphabet

642 things to write about
642 things to write about

On Wednesday night I suddenly felt the desire to write some sort of creative narrative. Not sure exactly what that should be, I return to my trusty 642 Things to write about. After a through flick through I found this prompt:

Write a story in which each sentence begins with a different letter of the alphabet. 

Initially I though that this sounded pretty easy. Then I very quickly realised that I had also set myself the task of writing a story in 26 sentences. Later on, I also realised my knowledge of words beginning with X and Z were also rather limited. So I am now a big advocate for online dictionaries!

Here’s my attempt at a tale anyway:


A rather normal start to the day.

But a rather empty diary left me feeling slightly restless.

Carrying the washing through to my bedroom, I decided that perhaps a trip out would work wonders.

Dropping the washing on a heap on my bed, I went in search of my wallet.

Even with so many things still to do the least I deserved was a coffee.

Feeling slightly better now that I had made my decision, I glanced out of the window.

Grabbing my coat from the cupboard, I shoved my phone, wallet and keys in the pocket as I walked up the drive.

Having found that my favourite coffee shop is closed, my plans for the morning must now be altered slightly.

In spite my predicament, I quickly discovered a new cafe but 5 minutes from the original choice.

Joining the queue, I started peering around for an available seat.

Keeping to old habits, I arrives at a table near the door with a mocha safely stored in the cup in my hands.

“Low blow”, a raised voice almost shouted across the room, ” I can’t believe that you would accuse me of such a thing.:

Moving onto the other spare seat on my table gave me a better view.

Nearby, a pair of women were glaring at each other over a pair of frothy cappuccinos.

Over the noise of the chatter that had started up again, their conversation continued.

“Perhaps my friendship in you was misplaced.”

Quencing my thrist on my mocha, I consciously leaned forward in the hope of catching more of the story.

“Refusal to believe such a thing is the only reason I don’t slap you!!…”

“…Stooping so low as to actually flirt with my husband – in front of me!”

“To iterate what I said earlier, this is what happens when you don’t pay him any attention.”

Unnoticed, for the minute, to both of them – I listened on.

“Very foolish of you to confront me, you are no competition.”

Whatever the two were currently thinking, I assumed the scenario couldn’t end well.

xenophobia suddenly seemed to flare up in this cafe – someone had obviously noticed my poor attempts at spying and the other coffee drinkers all now seemed to be staring angrily in my direction.

Yearning to suddenly leave the cafe, having obviously broken some sacred rule, I abandoned my now empty mug on the table.

Zipply leaving the cafe, I headed back for the safety of home.


So there you have it. I know some of the sentences feel a little forced. But the very rigid structure was actually quite difficult. Any thoughts on how to improve are very welcome 🙂