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Week 32 – WIP and Bub progress

I actually managed to get some WIP project progress made this week ๐Ÿ™‚ Which is really exciting as it gives me some hope I might get some stuff finished before bubs get here….

For reference I have 7 1/2 weeks to go until our due date ๐Ÿ™‚ So seriously close.

We saw the midwife again on Tuesday – which mean we got to hear Bubs again! She’s pleased with the progress bubs is making – and I learnt that lying on my back is now seriously uncomfortable! Our next challenge is apparently trying to encourage bubs to turn around. That involves me sitting more forward so my shoulders are over my hips. Not my preferred sitting position ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

My bump is also now huge! The pile of clothes in my wardrobe that actually fits is shrinking by the week – that’s including the oversized stuff I brought a couple of weeks ago which is starting to look small…. Why?!?!? But I only have 5 1/2 weeks until I stop working – so then I can stop caring!

I’ve managed 3 squares over the weekend (go me!). However, that still have 50 squares to go…. That means I need to knit about 7 squares a week to have any hope of finishing the knitting before bubs gets here…. Thinking about this, I need to consider a new plan of action with these squares.

Essentially, I need to figure out which are the most complicated squares. Those need doing first. The simpler squares could be left to fit between bubs taking a nap or for when I go back to work. But that’s going to take a bit of time.

On the bright side, I’ve only got the toe cap to finish on the first sock and a couple of cm’s and the toe cap on the second one. So seriously almost there now. It’s an easy point of the pattern to knit while watching Criminal Minds on Now TV.

So we are so ridiculously close to both bubs getting here and finishing some of the knitting projects…. Wish me luck!

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Week 31 – Confessions of an insomniac

To clarify, in this instance, where I say insomniac I actually mean fell asleep on the sofa at 6pm and woke up wide awake at midnight and now can’t get back to sleep again. So, as a result, I thought I would make use of the piece and quiet of the house and get on with everything I should have done yesterday.

About the only productive thing I did yesterday was go out an buy the carpet for the nursery. Apart from that I  managed to lose hours bingewatching “The Crown” on Netflix (amazing series following the early reign of Queen Elizabeth the II). I managed to finish it late afternoon…. I’m ashamed to say that although the knitting got considered, it never actually happened.

So, now that I’m awake at silly O’ Clock at night I thought I better get on with some stuff.

  1. write a blog for this week ๐Ÿ™‚ – So I figured this might be a 2 birds one stone job. I’m really looking forward to having enough mental capacity to write multiple posts again in the week. But I’m trying my best to keep you all updated with a weekly one. Obviously, if you’re reading this I was actually successful!
  2. edit this weeks contribution to Mobile Mondays for the Youtube Channel my husband runs and I contribute content too ๐Ÿ™‚ (He literally does 99% of the content). Managed this, so the video will be up on the channel at 7pm tonight. 
  3. finish a Powerpoint for a coding class for kids that I help out with through the Digital Eagles scheme at work. Completed and emailed. So feeling pretty good right about now – even though it’s 3:41am….
  4. Get some knitting done. I’m hoping that putting this last might mean I’m tired enough that this might relax me back to sleep again. Although that will be back on the sofa in order to prevent having to wake my husband up again at at even more stupid O’ Clock later.

Bubs update: Well bubs has grown again! (I kid you not!). I have completely lost the ability to bend over and I’m generally feeling massive. Yesterday I spent the entire day feeling very pregnant. Bubs kept moving into very uncomfortable positions and I get the impression bubs is running out of room in there. My husband has also been able to feel lots of kicks this week, which has been really exciting to have him feel more involved.

The carpet should be going down in the nursery today. So that will be an exciting bit of progress. Once that’s down we can put the doors on the cupboard and start making the space feel more like a room.

Another thing: pretty much none of my T-shirts fits now. The only ones I can still wear were brought from the men’s section. My work wardrobe is very slimline at the moment.  But, including this week, only 7 weeks to go before I leave for maternity leave for a few months. So hopefully I can eeek out what I have for these last few weeks and now show off the skin of my bump too much!

Knitting Update (because this is the fun part): Having now finished the heel of these red socks that have taken far longer to knit then they should have…. I’m now on the nice bit of lengthening the foot portion before I complete the toe end. So fingers crossed they fit!

Note: I fell asleep about 4:30am… But at least it was productive….

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Pregnancy update 20 weeks: Scan and Nursery Artwork

I know what you’re all thinking “but it’s only been a few days since her 19 weeks post!” I know that…. but we had our 20 week scan yesterday and I was too excited to wait longer to share the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

So here’s a bit of a reminder of “The story so far”

11 weeks:

11 weeks

13 weeks:

13 weeks


20 weeks:ย 


Before you all ask – we don’t know the gender. We didn’t want to know. We want it to be a surprise. What we do know it that our little one is a mover. Bubs didn’t stay still the entire scan – which was so exciting to see. It wasn’t too impressed with being poked around on the scan – based on the hand waving we could see!

What we also got to see was bub’s heart. It was amazing as you could see each of the four chambers. We also go to see the baby’s spine, ribs, kidneys and brain. Apparently everything looks healthy and as it should at this stage. So that was really good news!


This is a slightly closer look at the side of bub’s face. You can see it’s playing with the cord I think.


This is a picture of it’s adorably cute little hand. We can see all the bones in the arm as well – I was so shocked about the detail we could see. Apparently bubs spreading out the fingers is a good sign.


According to the technician, this is a sole of one of bubs’s feet. Again, you can see all of the little toes!! They are just ridiculously adorable.

I spent the rest of the day being kicked and poked in the stomach ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t think bubs appreciated the change in routine!

Nursery Decorations

We’ve stated putting together the decorations for the nursery. We’ve both got a range of things we like – so the first addition was some Marvel injection into the bedroom. I brought the box frames about a year ago with the intention of doing something with them. This seemed like the perfect opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚


We printed off the comic covers onto photo paper (I did this in Tesco as I figured the printing quality would be better!).


The characters I attached to the mount using a glue gun (that tool is actually amazing!). The mount was cardboard and so it stuck easily.


I had initially planned to have them holding the guns etc. However, the box frames were not big enough, so they had to go above/below the rather awesome lego figures. I have some more lego figures left for other super heros, so now I just have to work out what to do with them…..

Baby brain and bubs signing off



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Pregnancy Update – 19 Weeks

With the 20 week scan on Monday (I am still super excited), the thought that I’m pretty much half way through now has really got me thinking. The main thought…

I could never have predicted how life changing getting pregnant actually is.

In hindsight (a wonderful thing with the benifits of that new-found 20:20 vision), it was something I should have predicted I think. But, all I really knew about pregnancy – apart from the occasional bought of morning sickness – was that you got pregnant and 9 months later when the baby came your life just suddenly changed.

But it doesn’t happen that late. Your life starts changing almost immediently. Mine changed around about May 16th 2016.

Within 2 weeks of getting pregnant my symptoms had started. What I thought was a hangover – I started getting suspicious when I was still being sick on day 3 and a friend pointed out that was weird – turned out to be the second line on the pregnancy stick. Thankfully, I also hadn’t drunk that much on that particular evening to warrant such a bad hangover either. The other thing that should have flagged was that the wine that weekend was tasting really funny…

So I found out I was pregnant. Thankfully, it was a not unplanned or unwelcomed pregancy, so the result came with mixed feelings of petrifying fear and overwhelming excitement.

Apart from being sick almost every morning for 2 months following that result – not pleasent – I have also been feeling absolutely exhausted. Knitting the other week was literally the first time I had knitted in months. It just took to much brain power and concentration. I tried to keep any focus I had in reserve for work.

In all honesty, I am pretty sure they could slash the number of teen pregnancys down if they just showed them how difficult the first trimester actually is. The symptoms are just half of it, the other half is the paranoia of miscarriage (about 40%+ likely in that first 12 weeks). There is certainly no symptoms of that longed for pregnancy glow for a long time after you first actually become pregnant.

What made that yuckiness easier to handle was seeing bubs for the first time at the scan. There was this tiny little creature on the screen that was pretty much just head and heartbeat. The midwife described it perfectly – it’s the first time the pregnancy becomes real and not just theoretical.

Now, 9 weeks later, I’ll be 20 weeks gone tomorrow.Most of the horrible symptoms have started to fade away. Still feeling pretty tired, but the energy is starting to come back. Emotionally, I am finding that I seem to cry about way more than I used to. Crying is usually a hormonal thing for me and my hormones are seriously out of wack on an almost permanent basis nowadays. I’m hoping that doesn’t last too long. Bubs having a little wiggle always guarantees another smile though ๐Ÿ™‚


Bubs has seriously grown in the last few weeks. I think I started to feel flutters and bubbles pretty early (about 8 weeks – although what was bubs and what was gas is anyone’s guess…). But since 18 weeks I have been absolutely sure it was bubs. Gas does not jab you from the inside! On occasion I can also be 99% sure it’s a hand or foot that has been the cause of this strange new feeling. In the last week bubs is now big enough I can feel where in my stomach it is currently sitting. There is a deffinate density difference in my stomach that likes to shift posistions.

That puts bubs and I at about half way through. 9 months seems like a hugely long time at the beginning. Now it’s just flying past week by week. Arrggghhh, how the heck am I ever going to get everything sorted in time?

While in Tescos yesterday I treated myself to a new book from another blogger (the unmummsy mum). I’d not found her blog before, but a quick flick through the prelude of the book told me her style was something I’d enjoy. I’m also hoping this breif and accessible glimpse into parenting might be what I need right now ๐Ÿ™‚


Anyhow, I’ve somehow ended up with a completely free day. So I’m planning on spending this rare free saturday just relaxing (I counted that there is only about 20 pre-baby Saturday’s left – give or take some for strange baby timing).

Things I have planned for this strange free Saturday:

  • Finish writing this blog
  • Start reading the book ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Put up the washing that is sat in the machine (inside as the weather outside is awful today, but that saves me having to water my tomatoes that are stubbingly rufusing to ripen)
  • Knitting – need to finish which ever numbered square I’m on now.
  • Cast on the next square (picking the next pattern is part of the fun)
  • Do the washing up
  • Blog about finishing the square with the result of the next pattern I have actually picked
  • Make soup – brought bits for a roast yesterday and I thought I’d pre-empt the leftover carrots, parsnips and potatoes with a soup. I got myself a couple of those plastic soup mugs with clip on lids from Tesco’s yesterday. The plan is to freeze the spare portions so I have a nice mix of dinner options available for work ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Finish off some artwork for the nursery
  • More washing up (I really hate that chore… )
  • Blog about the artwork ๐Ÿ™‚
  • More knitting – that other project I was trying to figure out last weekend.
  • Blogging about the WIP.
  • Then, if there is still time I plan on gettingย one of my 2 patchwork WIPs out to see if any progress there.

So lots of crafting and blogging for today ๐Ÿ™‚ It sounds like heaven.

So I’ll be back with another blog later. I’ll schedule the other ones for later in the week.

Baby brain signing off




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Inspiration Strikes

Unfortunately not any knitting inspiration. But definately some writting inspiration – a hobby that I equally enjoy and am equally bad at finishing quickly (I have a novel I wrote 4 years agos still in the process of editing…. and the other one I started on here that I also need to finish).

So these short writing prompts are a really good way to get the juices flowing – something really required right now as I would like to get the novel published on Amazon before bub makes an appearence in January.

So I found this one on WordPress Daily Post site. The concept is to paint a portrait of someone I know using words.So a highly descriptive and visual writing challenge.

I’ve chosen to write about my husband. With bub on the way it’s brought out new sides to both of our personalities.

We first met when I was 16, but didn’t get together until about 8 months later. Even when I went away for 2 weeks to Spain he kept in contact the entire time by email. That was something I’d never experienced before.

He’s the one that makes me feel like being a bit uncoventional was always perfectly fine. I’ve always felt that I could tell him anything about me and he wouldn’t judge. It’s a relationship that works because we don’t judge each other.

We motivate each other to become better people. When he asked me to marry him 10 days after I turned 18 (which feels like a lifetime ago now) I knew that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t say yes. 4 years down the line, I find it hard to believe I could have been happier with anyone else. Although we both have flaws we both want to be better people for each other and use that as motivation to improve.

A year agoย we brought our first house and have spent that time (along with a lot of help from family) turning it into a home. The kitchen’s been done up this last month and my husband has let me avoid helping to much (due to the heavy lifting, lack of DIY skills and ability to trip over air) with no serious complaining – although a couple of joke ones did sneak their way in.

With the baby on the way, there has been a new focus to both of us to get things done, get things finished. My craft room got ‘sorted’ by my husband the month after the positive test (I nearlly cried as I suddenly couldn’t find anything and the camping table I’d been using as a desk had been moved into the garage). This sudden need to get everything done mentallity, although contraditicting my aims of finishing craft projects, does also mirror my own. Both of us have a sudden desire to get over that last hurdle of adulthood and get the last bits of our adult lives organised.

Because, currently, there is not a lot else either of us can actually do. It’s just waiting and watching my belly getting bigger. He’s my rock though and I know I couldn’t do this on our own. Both of us worry, both of us are nervous but I know that both of us will make it. We have each other, and that has always been more than enough.

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Baby Brain – 17 Weeks

Hi all ๐Ÿ™‚

So the weather has changed here drastically. The beautiful summer sunshine has evaporated into horrible rain. Which is great for my garden – but less great for my mood.

I didn’t manage to get a lot of knitting or blogging done over the weekend as I was baby sitting a 3D printer from work. That was fun and I learnt a lot about how to trouble shot it ๐Ÿ™‚ Which will be really useful in the future 0 and it was fun trying to work out the issues myself (with the aid of lots of forums)!

I’ve got a baby bump now which is now obviously not fat which is really nice. The major problem I’m currently finding is clothes. I’m now at the point that a lot of my more fitted T-shirts don’t cover my belly and I’ve had to supplement with men’s T-Shirts. They, at least, have some funky patterns. The maternity stuff is just so far off my usual style that I’m struggling to find anything in the usual high-street shops.

So I thought I’d share some of the baby clothes we’ve already started collecting – not including the ever growing collections from very excited grandmothers-to-be. I’m pretty sure the baby (who isn’t even able to hear yet) has more clothes than I do… ย Obviously as we don’t want to find out the gender (our 20 week scan isn’t until the 22nd August), all clothing has to be pretty unisex.

One of the first baby things that turned up was a freebie from Cow & Gate. This little cow is absolutely adorable.


This little set of baby booties was the first thing we brought for the baby. We’d had out first scan a few days before and I was finally beginning to allow myself to believe that everything might actually be ok.


I picked these 2 baby grows up from a sale in Mothercare – my husband is a bit of a Starwars fan. I got one in up to 2 months and the other 3-6 months. They come with a really cute matching hat as well. My personal favorite is the R2D2 – it is going to look absolutely adorable on!



The other week my husband’s grandparents came over and his gran brought over this beautiful baby blanket. Her friend had very kindly knitted it for the baby during Wimbledon – it’s a beautiful knit and I love the choice of the checkerboard stitch.


This Thomas the Tank engineย set was something my husband and I both fell in love with in Tescos. We went for the 6 – 9 month size – thinking the denim will be good for protecting sensitive knees during crawling. I was also a massive Thomas fan when I was a kid ๐Ÿ™‚


This Cath Kidson nappy bag was a serious win for me. Their nappy bags are wipe clean and this one came with a changing mat and a bottle bag. In picked it up in a discount store in Plymouth for ยฃ25 (down from about ยฃ60!). The perk of steering away from the the more traditional Cath flowers is that my husband and grandfathers-to-be will actually want to carry it!


The collection of baby clothes and baby items is growing nearly every day. There are drawers upstairs now dedicated to storing baby things. About 5 months to go (if the baby stays full term). Although apparently 37 weeks (18th December) onwards is full term – so we could be looking at a Christmas baby. Which would be a lovely Christmas addition to the family. So we have about another 4 months to prep really. I plan to have my go bag ready from the beginning of December.

It’s hard to believe that we only moved into our house this time last year. Now we have a baby on the way. It’s all really exciting for everyone in the family and a lot of our friends as well. This year is flying by though – so there won’t be long to wait!

Baby brain signing off.




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Stalks in Black and White

So it turns out my lack of energy to write/knit over the past 3 months has been quite possibly mainly hormonal. Or something just triggered a habit change.

The big news is that Mrs Kirsty Holloway is having a mini-Holloway – of the baby variety. Our current due date is early January, the exact date flickers on nearly every appointment. I’m currently 13 weeks and 6 days along and my husband and I are really excited.

So the current plans are to investigate baby related patterns and start knitting. Bub has started giving me a pregnancy related bump and I now look the pregnant side of fat. Which is actually surprisingly fun and increases my excitement a lot.

We first met bubs a couple of weeks ago when we went for our first scan. We were both surprised how human it looks and amazed watching the heart beating.

11 weeks


Just 2 weeks later bub has grown again. This week bub didn’t want to stay still and measuring took a bit longer then they should. The shape of bub’s head has also changed and the whole body has grown again. I couldn’t believe how quickly the bub is growing.

13 weeks

With the end of the first trimester comes the return of my energy and the ability to hold down my breakfast. I appreciate the ability to keep breakfast in my stomach so much more then I used to. Naps also became a more regular occurrence – so I also gained a new appreciation for sofas.

At nearly 14 weeks, I now feel more human again and the little human is growing bigger so I’m presuming that makes me more human than normal?

So this is a pre-apology for the baby related content that will be appearing…

Anyway, I’m off to do some overtime at work to go pay for yarn/other craft materials this pregnancy is going to inspire. ๐Ÿ™‚

Baby brain signing off