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Weekend Update

So this weekend was fun!

Friday night I went out with my very lovely colleagues for some drinks – our local pub apparently sells bottles of bubbles for £9.95 on a Friday… So I was happy. Hence the late post of chapter 2 – sorry guys! This was my first proper night since Lily was born I didn’t have to worry to much as Dan didn’t have work in the morning and she’s now in her own cot.


Not so much on Saturday morning… But Dan dragged us out to the local charity shops where I found a dress for my brother-in-laws wedding. A bargin at £7.99!

I also found a silvery shawl and a bag to add to the outfit – also charity shop finds. So this outfit is set to be complete for under £20. Really just need shoes and a head piece. I have until the end of the month so fingers crossed.

Needless to say I did feel a lot better after a coffee! Not entirely sure why Lily decided that lying on the table was a comfortable position.

Managed to get those socks finished Saturday night! Only 11 pairs of my 12 aim to go.


Sunday started at around 6:30am. This consisted on Lily needing her usually easy nappy change and feed. It then proceeded in a massive tantrum because she was tired and did not want to go to sleep again. At about 9am I give in for the first time and strapped her in a car seat and literally just drove until she fell asleep.

Once she was asleep I sat with an energy drink on one side and a ball of yarn in the other and knitted a few rows of the terribly simple shawl – thanking my lucky stars it wasn’t more complex as I could not have handled that!

So this was a DIY day. We had collected a huge number of odd jobs around the house. Turns out we have no idea how to do any of them and my husbands very lovely parents came and helped. The black out blind I brought about a month ago is finally up in Lily’s room, new bath taps (one was falling apart) and the bath seal is a WIP.

The Dumbledore quote and dreaming and oceans that I brought about 4 months ago is also finally up in her room- OMG that was a fiddle. The pictures have Command Strips, but do require actually putting up still. But definitely progress!

I’ve also painted some DIY letters for her door. So that will be appearing in a blog soon!

That’s all from me today, off to do some learning while Lily’s asleep!

Love to you all and happy knitting!



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Baby Clothing Sizes

Motherhood is absolutely the most exhausting thing I have ever done. So with normal, everyday choices, I really need things to be simple. I’ve just spent an hour convincing a giggly 6 month old (in between yawns and suspiciously tired looking eye rubs) that she really needed to sleep.

Hope that really helps the point hit home.

What I need to be easily able to identify is, as now, when she has a growth spurt that all her long sleeve tops will not fit her any more.  This is actually not the case – because they are all different sizes. It was worth for 0-3 months in terms of differentiation, but I don’t currently have access to the data.

Let me give this some perspective. Babies clothing is usually found as: Newborn (we never fit in those), 0-3 months (we grew out of these really quickly), 3-6 months (way to many things with labels still on), 6-9 months (the stuff we’re just starting to box up), 9-12 month (what should have been winter stuff but will now need to be worn over the summer) 12-18 months and so on.

Within this are variations on what weight limit the shops classify as the average weights your babies will be. To give you some idea here is some data from my 6-9 month collection in my washing pile earlier:

Tesco F&F: 20ib (Height: 74cm)

Mini Mode: No weight (Height: 68-70cm)

JoJo Maman Bebe: 6-12 month. No height or weight measurements. (but its from a dungaree style dress so it will fit for a lot longer)

Disney baby and George (ASDA): 21ib (68-74cm)

Disney baby (Tesco): 20ib (Height 74cm)

Mantaray at Debenhams: 21ibs (Height 74cm)

Next: 21ibs (No height)

Pep&Co: 21ibs (No Height)

Mothercare: 20ibs (No height)

Which is a complete pain as you can end up with a couple of weeks growth use between one shirt and another. Which means you have to filter through your washing as they grow out of things.

Lily is at a point where she loves to wiggle. Trying on every shirt individually is just not usually an option. So I need to be able to do bulk removals of clothing into the loft. Currently I have to leave the pile growing in a box for 2-3 weeks while she grows out of the bigger stuff and starts to be able to fit into the smaller stuff of the next size up.

Why can’t shops just start to mirror up on their sizes?

I ask – why can’t shops use the weight limit as their sizing for babies? This would make my life so much easier. At least it would also be clear then when I purchased the clothing how long she might be in them for.

I’m not really asking for that much – am I?

What are your thoughts? Have you ever been annoyed at children’s clothing?

Love to you all and happy knitting




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Happy 4 Years

So according to WordPress I actually registered an account here 4 years ago today. Wow, that’s gone fast. It has been such an exciting journey with you all. I’ve learnt to knit pretty well and become much more confident with my writing and style. I’ve also become more focused on sorting out my life.

4 years ago there was the husband, but no house and no baby and I was working in my first job after graduation. So life was pretty different.

In all honesty, I’m struggling to work out how the time has gone by so quickly. It has been all systems go though. So it has been pretty tiring. This last couple of months has been particularly manic though. Hoping everything is going to calm down – I’ve barely picked up my needles in the last month.

Keeping up with Lily is fun. She’s now 6 months, sitting up and attempting to eat everything – including staring at my food intently in the hopes she might get something. Although I managed to get to knitting group for the first time in a month yesterday – managed to actually do some knitting because Lily could sit up and play with toys (in between trying to get people to pay attention to her by shouting). That was definitely a first.

They say bad things come in 3’s. I’m hoping that’s true and things will start to calm down now. A family member has been diagnosed with a heart condition, our car has been written off after someone went into the back of us the other week and my grandmother has just had her hip operated on. So I really am hoping that is everything and things will start looking up.

Fingers crossed hay 🙂


On a more positive note, we had our 5 year wedding anniversary at the beginning of July. We spent the day in Weymouth and had a family trip to the SeaLife Centre. Lily was fascinated by the lights and the fishes. We’ve also been together 9 years this year – so we’ve been through a lot together and thankfully still really happy.


Might need to get Lily a fish tank style light for her bedroom at some point….

Anyhow I have a finished object and a couple of WIP posts to write. So hopefully you’ll be able to see what I’ve been up to ASAP.

Love to you all and happy knitting



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F.O Baby hat

So I was pleased as punch when I found this pattern in a Julia’s house charity shop about a month ago – a complete bargin at 50p! I’ve had a huge ball of this lovely white aran yarn in my stash for years with no idea what to do with it. So this also became a stash project to – so total win on this one!

It was a really nice knit – and I also learnt the LT stitch which cause a really cool twist that runs up the hat. The only problem was the decrease at the end which involved knitting in pattern. Had to get some help from the lovely ladies in the knitting circle!

The pom pom was my first make with the maker I brought from the knitting and stitching show (see the multipom frame in the picture below). It was by far the fastest pom pom I have ever made. The concept of a scrap yarn pompom rug for Lilly’s room is looking more likely (but definitely not until after we stop eating things!) as I don’ think it will take a horrendous amount of time to make the required pom poms.


So the hat is about size 6-9 months (Lily has a large head). Although it does fit Lily, this one is going to be donated. The next project out of this yarn will be the matching cardigon. I love the cross over front – the other patterns I picked up on the day had a similar design.

That’s all for the minute. Will try and find some time to update you on my current wips! I have been knitting and attempting the crochet…

Love to you all and happy knitting



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Sunday Spotlight

So now the Prosseco has worn off I thought I would get my Sunday Spotlight post together. 

First of all, Happy Mother’s day all! Hope you all had a lovely day 🙂 Lily and Daddy got me this…

My cousin also got some beautiful pictures of Lily at my Grandmother’s today – the dress is Monsoon but brought from a charity shop!

1. Fog knits – WIP Wednesday March Madness

Firstly this week I would like to thank Fog Knits for making me feel that my multi wip state of being is not abmormal. 

She also has some beautiful wips on the needles and the hooks going at the moment – so go and have a nose if you need some inspiring!

  2. A Tangled Yarn Knitter – Cast on: Another baby Sophisticate

This baby cardigon looks like a super simple knit. Ideal for a baby knit -especially as it’s a free Ravelry download – as they just grow so quickly!!!

This lovely blogger has this as one of their staple knits (they’ve knitted it 8 times already!!!) and I think it’ll be somethink I might come back to when Lily is at the point where she’s running through muddy puddles! 

Although the pattern is pretty simplistic I think you could play with it a little and add additional details. 

3. Chronicle of ellen – Who Wore it Better?

Now this post really got the fire back under me to want to try Crochet again. I have a plan is place… so I’ll update you all later as it progresses. 

This story goes that the knitting bunting wasn’t working, but the crochet one did. I think the ability to do both disiplines would really help expand the potential of the yarn. 
4. Dartmoor yarns – In need of colour Good Vibrations

This post introduced me to a new technique – German Short Rows. I love the yarn and the scarf design… Seriously… go and have a look!

♡ Rainbow yarn!
5.  Erika Eckles – Naked knitting and these Sheepy Aromas

A really interesting rewiew on natural undyed british sheep yarn. Really worth a read!

 I’m really trying to understand more of the theory behind knitting, so blogs like this always make me sit up for a read.

So that’s it for me this Sunday 🙂 Thanks for all the fantastic blogs this week!

Love to you all



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W.I.P. Progress Update – Baby Blanket

So with the arrival of my needles I have been able to make a start on this awesome looking baby blanket!

So a quick reminder- this is is image from the pattern…

I decided to run with some slightly brighter colours… using the recommended Rowan 100% pure superwash wool.

Once I’d made a start I was really pleased with my choice 🙂

The pattern instructions are really easy to follow. Deffinately loving this pattern. The only major drawback is it is really repetitive. But the F.O. will be worth it 🙂 

Baby brain signing off



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Free Knitting Patterns – Drops Design

Ok… so guess who ended up on Pinterest browsing knitting patterns this morning… umm yes that would be me…

So I ended up stumbling across while browsing ideas for Christmas Jumper patterns (because of course I have time to get one knitted… more likely the first Christmas in the next decade!). Anyway, this website has loads of free knitting and crochet patterns – I presume the patterns work? – so that you’ll buy their yarn to knit the patterns with.

Of course I didn’t just look at Christmas jumpers, I ended up hunting through most of the patterns. So I thought I would share some of my favorite knitting patterns…

Baby Patterns



I love this jumper. It’s just adorable 🙂 Thinking it could be bub’s first Christmas Jumper for next year!

The rest of the baby stuff is a bit traditional for me though.


Home for Christmas 


I love these socks 🙂 I’m definitely adding them to my sock To-Do list for next year 🙂 It will also be good to make use of my DP 3.5mm needles 🙂

Merry Red


I am loving this Christmas Jumper – it’s the one that got me started down this rabbit hole! The fit looks really good, I love the pattern and the colour 🙂 (Bright red is a definite fav of mine!)

My First Christmas


Now this pattern doesn’t look massively complex and looks super cute. I wouldn’t be able to start it until about September… I’ve heard babies grow quickly and I want to make sure bubs will definitely fit into this over Christmas next year.


Open Air


This one looks like a good start for an attempt to knit a shawl. Pattern doesn’t look massively complex – so hopefully I can finish it without too much frustration.

Winter Drizzle


This one looks really cute. It would be fun to have a bit of a play with the colours – maybe something with glitter 🙂

Ladies Stuff



I love this knitted dress pattern 🙂 It’s super cute – Thinking either dark blue or something similar. I love bold colours.

Sideways Glance


I seriously love this pattern. It’s so cute with the multi colours. Definitely want this one.

Sleepy Sheep


Another really cute set of socks to add to my sock list. Looks a bit more technical with the pattern. But would look seriously awesome if I could finish them!

Black Ice


I love the geometric black and white design on this one. Personally, I would knit it a little bit longer so it covered my bum comfortably (thinking a combo with leggings would look awesome!). Also, apart from the patterning, this doesn’t look like a massively complex knit.

There are seriously loads of amazing free patterns on this site.

Do you guys know any good sites? Please share below.

Baby brain signing off