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Race Day

Sorry for the radio silence this week. It’s been an extraordinarily busy few weeks. So busy that I have barely picked up a needle and when I have it’s been to work on my large camo blanket. So a pretty un-taxing knit.

Part of this business has, of course been the decorating of the house. That has been very time consuming. Trying to keep a half decorated house habitable has been more time consuming and exhausting than I could have imagined. We’re still at a point where guest have to usually stand chatting in either the landing or the kitchen. Camping chairs are becoming more uninviting every day.

On a more exciting note, my 5K run was yesturday morning. Another reason for my lack of time, I’ve been busy trying to pack in as much training as I can. In a bit of luck, the heath near my house provided fairly similar terrain to the run.

The 5Km was one of the stages of the New Forest Run. It was such a friendly atmosphere and I’m hoping to go back next year to try one of the longer distances. I’d like to camp over as well.

I finally felt like a proper runner once I had my number pinned to my stomach. I’ve kept it as a souvenir.


Thankfully, my husband had his camera and so I can share a this video of my start.


I was aiming for 50 minutes, but I managed to finish in 39 (I was using the runtastic pro app to track my pace). So I was really pleased with myself and I’m on track for (hopefully) a pretty decent time for the 10Km in April.

They gave us all a medal at the finish.

A post race picture with my medal.
A post race picture with my medal.

The medal is now pride of place hanging off my mirror in the bedroom.

I did feel enormous respect for those who did the longer distances. Feeling pleased with my time, I knew a longer distance was still out of my ability. I need to at least shave another couple of minutes off each KM for Aprils 10KM.

Onwards and Upwards. I’m really enjoying the running and it’s such a great way to explore the local area. Feeling fitter is something will hopefully benefit me in the long term.

Happy knitting all 🙂