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Water Bottle Holder

Just a quick one from me today!

So I’m really not drinking enough water. Hopefully this could be changed by strapping my water bottle to my side. This stash buster crochet bag could be the way forward.

A really easy and quick make – although it has been sat in a drawer half finished for a few months!!!

It’s made from scrap DK yarn balls sat in my stash.

If anyone has any other good stash buster patterns/projects then please comment below!

Love to you all and happy knitting!



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Finished Make- Summer Breeze Baby Jumper and Blanket

So. Long time no see.

All good here. Been busy with yarn/sorting out yarn stash/sorting out patterns/making space for new yarn. A real focus on the moment on trying to use up what’s currently in my stash. I would like to make some room for new yarn that I plan on buying at the knitting and stitching show in March (mum and I have tickets!).


So this knit was actually on the ‘to-make list’ – so a complete win for me!!! This yarn reduced yarn in my stash – although it had been brought with the intention of this jumper – but still a definite win.

The Hayfield bonus DK and King Cole Glitz were really nice to knit with and look fab knitted up. This jumpers also now been washed a few times and appears to be holding it’s shape well :).

While the jumper was a pretty quick knit, it was more difficult to get Lily to stay still for a picture – she’s recently figured out walking and so would much rather be pulling toys out of various boxes.


The plan – if I get some time – is to sew through some thin white ribbon into the back of the jumper. Ideally in some lace up corset style. Alternately I have some small buttons I might add with a small hoop. But she won’t notice if that doesn’t happen soon – I’m not a fan of things than involve a sewing needle.


But apart from that, I’m really pleased with the fit. A perk of living with the recipient is that I was able to extend the body and the arms. I ended up having to extend the body at the shoulders. Ideally, I would actually knit this jumper in a top down fashion to make it easier to knit the body to the length required. Personally, I like long bodied jumpers as I find them more comfortable – so that does influence the final design of what I knit.

I did end up with a lot of spare yarn from this project – to be honest I could have knitted another jumper….

So I dug out my set of hooks and started free handing a Crochet blanket. I started from the center and worked outwards. It was actually a rather therapeutic make as I didn’t have any sort of pattern to follow. Found this was also a great lesson in crochet for me asย  I got more of an understanding of the shaping and just generally more confidence.


I free attempted the squaring out of the blanket as I went. So my square is not going to be the most regular one you’ll see today. But I found it a really fun challenge to attempt. It’s been gifted to Lily as a lighter weight blanket for warmer evenings.

So these were my makes for January – glittery is the theme. Which is something you need once all the glitter of Christmas has disappeared! In January I also managed to get another couple of chapters finished on my book – helped by my Grandad who has become my editor. We’re working on a final draft this year.

That’s all from me today ๐Ÿ™‚ Wanted to keep you updated on what I’ve been making ๐Ÿ™‚

Love to you all and Happy Knitting

Mrs Kirsty Holl


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Finished Object – Chunky Knits, Baby Blankets and Christmas Elves

Hay guys!

So I’m sorry I disappeared off the grid for a month. Lily has learnt to pull herself up from a sitting to a standing position. I need eyes in the back of my head at the moment!

My spare time has been taken up with knitting, so I thought I would give you some update on what my needles have been up to.

  1. Chunky scarf x 2

This started life as a panel for a blanket. Now its chunky, soft and a really warm scarf. I ended up making 2 of these because a friend wanted one ๐Ÿ™‚ So that was a fun gift to make.


2. Chunky Hat

With the remaining yarn I dug out a 20mm Crochet hook a made myself a matching hat. Also warm and squishy! Really starting to fall in love with crochet, there is something beautiful about the one hook and only having one stitch to worry about.


3. Flutterby James C Brett Hooded blanket.ย 

With those really cute teddy bear ears, I fell in love with this pattern and the yarn within about 30 seconds. Lily also fell in love with it to, keeping hold of it as we went around Hobbycraft. This yarn is so soft and fluffy and it feels really nice.


4. Christmas Elves – Let’s Knit Issue Octoberย  ย  ย 

The free gift with this month of Let’s Knit was a kit to knit a set of Christmas elves. Super cute and I’m going to knit the 2 for Lily. It’s the first time for ages I’ve knitted a toy and I’m really enjoying stitching all the pieces together!

Now need to knit the hat and the arms. Then need to stitch on the face on ๐Ÿ™‚


Will keep you all updated ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of love and happy knitting!!



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Inspiration Update – Crochet

I thought I’d start having a hunt through my Pinterest feed and share/find some inspiration. I wanted to inspire myself – and potentially you as well ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been collecting on a DIY/Crochet board for years and never made any of it. Going to add my favourites to my to-makeย  list for the year/next year.

I’d love to make one of these grid blankets out of small crochet squares using this design:

This image was found here
  1. Pikachu Blanket
    pokemon craft
    Pikachu Grid Pattern

    I am a huge pokemon fan. But this might end up being a gift I think.

2. ย Science Themed

Awesome cross stitch pattern by ThuHadesign

This comes from here

This one might be a 2 at a time make. One for a friend and one for my daughter.

3. Harry Potter


I think this one is pretty cool. However, it’s got to much going on. At some point I might take elements from this for something.

4. Doctor Who.

Dr Who Christmas Jumper Knitting Pattern
A frequently nerdy craft blog

If you did just decided to go with 2 colours for this in Stocking stitch, this could be a really cool finished make. But I would then have to consider backing it – possibly with some sort of soft fabric – because it’ll get strandy at the back.

5. Tetris

tetris chart.png

Now this would still need some figuring out. But with the blocked crochet and white for the non square spaces, this could potentially be a really cool idea for a blanket. Thoughts? I originally picked this up as a perla bead pattern, but it has some potential I feel.

So I hope I’d interjected some inspiration into you mid week hump day – only 2 days to go until the weekend!!!

Love to you all and happy knitting



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Work in Progress Update – Pikachu

Just a quick update tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ I just wanted to share with you my progress on the Pikachu I am crocheting from Sunshine Sugar n’ Cream Aran weight cotton yarn.



To be honest, it’s looking larger that I thought it would – which isn’t a bad thing. It will make the toy more substantial (it’s a Christmas present for Lily). The Sunshine yellow shade also looks fantastic – I’m also going to have to order some more off Amazon before I can progress any further though as this used up a lot more yarn than I thought I would.


The shaping of the body looks good. There is a distinctive head and body shape to it, which will hopefully become more pronounced as I add the features. Those are the next job when the yarn arrives!

That’s all from me at the minute. Trying to prep for the launch of Chapter one of my Novel tomorrow!

For participating in the 7th Annual Charleston Sports FestGiven this day 13th of June in the year 2020.

What are you all making at the moment? Would love to see your current favourite WIP – post in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Love to you all and happy knitting!



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W.I.P Pikachu (Crochet)

So the above just got frogged because I forgot to count stitches and ended up with twice as many as I needed. That was about 6 hours work (don’t judge ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m new to crochet). So it was a rather heartbreaking realisation.

My first attempt at this adorable Pikachu was using this cotton yarn. Fairly good price on Amazon – although I did find it frayed really easily. I’m definitely not recommending it for beginners.

Personally, apart from finishing off the stash yarn, I won’t be using this again. DK weight but needs about 3.5mm hook to be even slightly usable. If anyone can suggest any recommended patterns for this I would welcome as I have a few balls of yellow, red and black to use up.

Now using this yarn:

Aran weight sugar n cream. Happy days. 3.00mm hook. It’s the same brand as I used for the dog and I should have started with it really.

This is where we are so far. Much more shaping this time! Definite progress

And from above…

This project seems to be a pick up and randomly put down type of in progress work. If I’m honest, I do find this rather frustrating. But it’s my own fault because I keep changing the bag it’s in – I was only able to get these photos by tidying my lounge and finding the last bag I took this to work in.

So locating it means I can hopefully make some progress on it this weekend while I’m curled up on the sofa recovering from the flu. Today I took my first sick day for 2 and a half years. Not a brag, just a general observation that I hate being sick and that I usually have a pretty good immune system.

Immune system – you have let me down. What’s really annoying is I’m going to miss my brother in laws stag do (a Totalย Wipeout style assault course).

Hopefully this might make some progress, we’re both off this weekend so I might get a chance to recharge.

Love to you all and Happy Knitting!



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F.O. Crochet Doggy

Definately got the crochet bug… and definately have the blisters to prove it. 

Yes I’ve ordered a comfy grip 3.00mm hook from the local wool shop. I may have also come out with the equivalent 2.00mm hook, 2.5mm hook and a ball of Sidar variagated cotton prints DK…. 

O… and an order from wool warehouse turned up today. Cotton yarn from sugar n cream in lots of colours!! (Secret?).

So my crochet project this week was a little doggie. It was part of a freebie set from a mag… but I couldn’t cope with the acrylic. It kept fraying. So we now have a multicoloured doggie!

He sits up and everything! This little guy will start the collection of crochet designs I plan on making for Lily (I may have brought a pattern for a large cuddly unicorn for Lily….)

The aran weight cotton with a 3.00mm hook seems great for reducing holes. Although it is difficult to turn a cotton make inside out. I also recommend stuffing as you go because the lack of elasticity makes it really hard with stuffing at the end. 

Using the rest of the ball to make another alien to donate ๐Ÿ™‚ Off to crochet while Lily has (finally) fallen asleep in my lap! Once the alien is done I get going on the scrap yarn blanket!

Love to you all and happy knitting ๐Ÿ™‚