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Inspiration Update – Crochet

I thought I’d start having a hunt through my Pinterest feed and share/find some inspiration. I wanted to inspire myself – and potentially you as well 🙂 I’ve been collecting on a DIY/Crochet board for years and never made any of it. Going to add my favourites to my to-make  list for the year/next year.

I’d love to make one of these grid blankets out of small crochet squares using this design:

This image was found here
  1. Pikachu Blanket
    pokemon craft
    Pikachu Grid Pattern

    I am a huge pokemon fan. But this might end up being a gift I think.

2.  Science Themed

Awesome cross stitch pattern by ThuHadesign

This comes from here

This one might be a 2 at a time make. One for a friend and one for my daughter.

3. Harry Potter


I think this one is pretty cool. However, it’s got to much going on. At some point I might take elements from this for something.

4. Doctor Who.

Dr Who Christmas Jumper Knitting Pattern
A frequently nerdy craft blog

If you did just decided to go with 2 colours for this in Stocking stitch, this could be a really cool finished make. But I would then have to consider backing it – possibly with some sort of soft fabric – because it’ll get strandy at the back.

5. Tetris

tetris chart.png

Now this would still need some figuring out. But with the blocked crochet and white for the non square spaces, this could potentially be a really cool idea for a blanket. Thoughts? I originally picked this up as a perla bead pattern, but it has some potential I feel.

So I hope I’d interjected some inspiration into you mid week hump day – only 2 days to go until the weekend!!!

Love to you all and happy knitting




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