What I learnt this week

So, in addition to being a mum to a six month old, working full time, knitting and blogging…. I thought I needed some other things to do.

Yep, I know, I’m completely insane.

Course 1: Centre of Excellence – Knitting Diploma Course.Ā 

So this course scales knitting right back to basics for me, which has been really useful. It will eventually teach me how to design patterns and run a knitting business. Which fits in really well with what I want to do with this.

Progress: Completed Module 1-4. Currently awaiting the mark for the quiz on module 4. 17 modules in total

What I learnt this week: How to use DPN needles

Course 2: Centre of Excellence – Crochet Diploma Course.Ā 

So this is the thing I needed to help crochet actually click in my brain. Back to basics and the mixture of pictures and video tutorials really seem to work well for me.

Progress: Completed Module 1-3. Need to make a start on 4.

What I learnt this week: Nothing yet as haven’t made time for this yet.

Course 3: Free Code Camp.org

Found this amazing website that teaches you to code in small, short exercises. Totally free.

Progress: About 1/3 of the way through the HTML5 and CSS module.

What I learnt this week: CSS Style tags.


That all from me for now! Need to get on with everything šŸ™‚


Love to you all and Happy knitting!




3 thoughts on “What I learnt this week

  1. These sound like a lot of fun! And it’s not too crazy, it’s the kind of thing I would probably do too (but then again maybe I’m a bit insane too šŸ˜‚)

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