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Progress Update Number 2

So Lily/bubs/Munchkin is now 6 1/2 months old. To me that is just insane. We are currently outgrowing our 6-9 months clothing in favour of 9-12 month (all the food appears to be powering her height increase). 

We that in mind, I thought now would be a good time for another progress update.


Dear a probably very tired me,

You’re now the mother of a nearly 1 year old bubs and you’re at the end of what was probably the most challenging and rewarding year of your life. Fingers crossed you managed to not lose bubs anywhere… in which case win! Honestly, if bubs is happy and healthy by this point then this has been successful year. Bubs should have also had most of the Harry Potter series read to bubs already 🙂

Bubs has still not been left or lost anywhere (happy days). Harry potter series not happening yet. We don’t have nearly enough patience unless it’s fluffly or textured.

Hopefully by next year the blog will have also grown. In 2016 we hit the 100 followers milestone, the plan is to double that by the end of 2017. If we can get there then that would be awesome. With the arrival of bubs I would like to start earning a little bit of money off the blog so that I can start funding advertising and get the blog it’s own URL. With bubs there is unlikely to be any money to self fund much. The hope is that I can do some guest blogging and potentially get some paid gigs out of it. If I am funding my own craft habit by the end of 2017 then the other half will reward with serious brownie points 🙂

So we’re up to 129 followers, which is pretty stead on with the progress. Hopefully this should go hand in hand with me posting more. It’s also great writing practice for me if I can blog 6 days a week. 

So on the job front: the plan is to start back at work around the end of March/ beginning of April time line. By then bubs will be about 3 months old and should hopefully be sleeping through the night (fingers crossed). The plan is then to start hunting out a promotion at work by about the middle of the year. My plan is to have a career, being a working mum is going to be really hard, but I know it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Attempted for a promotion, got an interview but not the role. Disappointing, but the feedback will be really useful for the future and my current role means I can spend more time with Lily, which I’m really enjoying as she gets bigger. 

By the time you’re reading this, that book will be finished and actually published on Amazon. Because this is getting seriously ridiculously stupid if not as if this is still not done by now you have definitely need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. This has now been in editing for half a decade and it needs to be published.

This is something I’m starting from August. It’ll be posted in chapters on here and wattpad in a bid to get feedback. Hopefully we’ll get proper release early December. 

I don’t have any massive hopes for my knitting this year (I’m pretty sure that in my sleep induced haze I’ll be struggling to count rows and stitches). But if I can get in a few cute knits for bubs then all will be well. The plan is also to really improve my sock knitting – I’m thinking by now I’ll have knitted at least 12 pairs (1 a month on average). They’ll have been good sized travelling companions this year and I will hopefully have a few cute pairs of pretty socks. Recently I heard of a woman who donated a load of blankets she’s knitting to the Salvation Army, so that would be cool if I could have some spare knits by now to donate.

The knitting (and now crochet) is actually going a lot better than expected. This has definitely been my sanity saver! 

#Edit to knitting plan (Caused by my addiction to buying yarn!)

– Finish the Red/Blue Pram Blanket Done

– Finish the knitted patchwork blanket Done

– 12 pairs of socks The plan with this one is to do a little set between balls of wool on the shawl. 

– This jumper for bubs. It’s mainly ribbing and stocking stitch – so not a massive stretch of the imagination to get this finished! Need to get this knitted as it won’t be long until it fits her!)

– Get started on this pattern for bubs This ones for when she’s a bit bigger. But she’s growing a lot faster than I predicted.

By now you should have actually completed your first 10K race. After having to put the first one off from April 2016 (turns out that exhaustion was due to bubs!) you should now have got your fitness up enough to be able to run 10K again. If not then I am very disappointed as I feel like the exercise will help keep the stress levels to a minimum and keep some sort of sanity together. You’ll also be going climbing at least twice a month in an attempt to tone up some core muscles again – and climbing is super fun.

#Edited Run Plan:

June/July = 5K Race – Completed.

The rest of the races may get pushed until next year. I don’t have the time or the energy to do much running. However, now we’ve got Lily moved into the cot we might see. 

August = 10K race – Need to book.

End Sept = Half Marathon – Need to book, but would like to do the New Forest one

Nov/Dec Time = Marathon – Need to book

Financially I would really like to reduce how much I spend. If I could do that then we could save a lot more. So hopefully by the time I’m reading this I will have some savings and reduced how much I’ve been spending. But fingers crossed… I might have even be able to siphon some off for yarn…

We have a new budget in place. We’ll have to see how that works, but I do now have a set amount of money for me stuff. Need to get used to learning to budget with that. Hoping I can use it to help with the blogging. 

So future me, I hope you’ve managed to at least meet most some of the above. With bubs keeping you busy I imagine you’ve had some sort of serious adjusting to do. But fingers crossed you’ve managed to stay on top of most of it!

Bye me and I hope you’ve had an exciting 2017!


So that’s my half year touch base. Starting to think that I might have bitten more than I can chew this year. But it’s so hard for me not to have things to do. Need to work on that.

Need to prioritise knitting goals, blog and writing in terms of me stuff. 

Love to you all have happy knitting


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