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Baby Clothing Sizes

Motherhood is absolutely the most exhausting thing I have ever done. So with normal, everyday choices, I really need things to be simple. I’ve just spent an hour convincing a giggly 6 month old (in between yawns and suspiciously tired looking eye rubs) that she really needed to sleep.

Hope that really helps the point hit home.

What I need to be easily able to identify is, as now, when she has a growth spurt that all her long sleeve tops will not fit her any more.  This is actually not the case – because they are all different sizes. It was worth for 0-3 months in terms of differentiation, but I don’t currently have access to the data.

Let me give this some perspective. Babies clothing is usually found as: Newborn (we never fit in those), 0-3 months (we grew out of these really quickly), 3-6 months (way to many things with labels still on), 6-9 months (the stuff we’re just starting to box up), 9-12 month (what should have been winter stuff but will now need to be worn over the summer) 12-18 months and so on.

Within this are variations on what weight limit the shops classify as the average weights your babies will be. To give you some idea here is some data from my 6-9 month collection in my washing pile earlier:

Tesco F&F: 20ib (Height: 74cm)

Mini Mode: No weight (Height: 68-70cm)

JoJo Maman Bebe: 6-12 month. No height or weight measurements. (but its from a dungaree style dress so it will fit for a lot longer)

Disney baby and George (ASDA): 21ib (68-74cm)

Disney baby (Tesco): 20ib (Height 74cm)

Mantaray at Debenhams: 21ibs (Height 74cm)

Next: 21ibs (No height)

Pep&Co: 21ibs (No Height)

Mothercare: 20ibs (No height)

Which is a complete pain as you can end up with a couple of weeks growth use between one shirt and another. Which means you have to filter through your washing as they grow out of things.

Lily is at a point where she loves to wiggle. Trying on every shirt individually is just not usually an option. So I need to be able to do bulk removals of clothing into the loft. Currently I have to leave the pile growing in a box for 2-3 weeks while she grows out of the bigger stuff and starts to be able to fit into the smaller stuff of the next size up.

Why can’t shops just start to mirror up on their sizes?

I ask – why can’t shops use the weight limit as their sizing for babies? This would make my life so much easier. At least it would also be clear then when I purchased the clothing how long she might be in them for.

I’m not really asking for that much – am I?

What are your thoughts? Have you ever been annoyed at children’s clothing?

Love to you all and happy knitting




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