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Blankets, Dogs and Chunky Knits

So this week I’ve really had to sit and have a bit of a think. I used to be one of those people with the luxury of time. Now I’m not. So I’ve come to the conclusion that having multiple projects on the go is really not feasible any more. The problem is I need to focus my spare time on one project in order to make any sort of decent progress on it.

Currently, that focus is the Lavender Premature baby blanket. The problem is it is about 100 stitches of 4 ply and each line can take a while to knit – although I am steadily getting faster as I go through. But, on the bright side, I’m actually almost done.


Essentially, I’m just going to keep knitting until the yarn runs out. It’s about 8 lines an inch, so I’m thinking I’ve got enough yarn for about 3 or 4 more inches. So it’ll be just over 20 inches by the time it’s done. Which will be a pretty good size I think when it’s done.

On a side note, I’ve seen one of the women at the group do the crochet version of this pattern… I really can’t get it out of my mind. Has anyone got the pattern in a nice blanket or something? Otherwise I’ll go and ask her next week. So no panic 🙂

My next project is going to be a crochet one. A friend donated this set to me from a magazine she brought (she doesn’t crochet). Although the crochet hook is provided, I plan on using one of my own metal ones. I have a feeling this little guy won’t handle the tension. The hope is that this will be good practice for making more Octopus’s. I’m going to steadily build up a little collection of creatures on Lily’s windowsill and she can play with them when she stops putting things in her mouth!


I’ve also but working a little on my stocking stitch Harry Potter blanket this week…. my husband and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yesterday (amazing by the way!). I may have taking it in with me and have been doing stocking stitch in the dark… But it was useful as I managed to add a couple more inches to it. The hope is that by the time I’ve finished the dog I’ll be ready to start counting stitches for the silhouette of the blanket. Although, I do plan on getting the pattern printed in A3/A4 (depending on the resolution of the image I have) so I have something to mark the stitches off. So that’s something to get done in the next couple of weeks. Need to get in the habit of getting organised.

I’ve also finally figured out what I want to do with chunky knit pattern for the baby blanket I’m knitting for Lily. I’m currently knitting the bottom rectangle. I’m knitting short rows across on this. Then I plan on picking up stitches using a stash ball of rainbow yarn for a couple of rows. The 3 rows upwards will be picked up from the rainbow yarn. I’ll have to mattress stitch the 3 panels together. I’m going to do each one with a different texture – unless I do a one panel 3 texture design…. Then pick up a row for the rainbow line, then pick up another row for the final panel. It should become pretty interestingly textually I think.

Chunky Blanket pattern.png

So lots of planning this week 🙂 feeling pretty excited about the prospects for this year. I’m hoping that I can start picking up some commissioned pieces nearer Christmas or next year. I really need to start funding this habit… Especially now I’m starting to eye up more expensive yarn!

Anyone, I’m off for some more knitting.

Love to you all and happy knitting!






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