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Wip progress update

Hay guys, so this is going to be a slightly longer post. This has been an exciting week!

The last of the squares… 

So we are on the last stages of the patchwork blanket! After just over 2 years on this project I am seriously excited to be finishing it. Although, it has been a fantastic project for improving my knitting skills and confidence.

Here’s a few of the final squares…

So these were meant to both be the same… but I had some spare wool. So I mixed the colours up a bit!

I also managed to knit this 2 little ladder squares… the pattern is so simple. But I really love the effect!

While knitting the last square I took the time to organise and lay out the knitted squares. I’ve then piled each long row together and in that order I can then block them on the foam pads I brought last week.

This is the last completed square!!! After 90 squares, this is the final one…. *drum roll please*

I’ve set out the foam pads and pins (serious useful by the way in terms of being able to vary the shape). The pins are also really sturdy.

To dampen the squares I soaked kitchen roll in water and then used candle holders to help flatten the squares. This picture is of the squares after they had been left for 12 hours. They still need to finish drying. But hopefully I should be able to start sewing tomorrow! Plan is to sew one line while the next row is blocking. There’s only 9 rows and then I need to knit the border. The plan is to find some pretty yarn from the stash and pick up stitches for the border. Their wavy version is going to involve knitting separately and sewing on – which just seems far to much effort when I have so many other projects I want to get on with!


So one night last week (while Lily fell asleep on Daddy) I cast on the beginning of a blanket for her on those Giant Needles (24mm). I’m not entirely sure what pattern this blanket will end up being – I’m going to experiment a little as I go along – but it will be fun to see what happens.

Premature Baby Knits

So the background to this little number… I was knitting in the doctors surgery when a bloke struck up a conversation about me knitting and not looking at it. Then a lady next to him joined in. It turned out that she knitted at a local knit and natter group at the local Methodist church on a Monday morning (which fits in with my schedule when I go back to work as well – win!). They knit clothes and blankets for PremmieUK – with the baby yarn donated by a local funeral Directors.

This will be a new pattern to me, so will update as it emerges….

Star Wars scarf

This is the mysterious WIP that I started planning a good few years ago. I found the colour work sections in a blog years ago (sorry that I don’t have the links) and put them together to make a colour work pattern for a scarf. Initially I attempted a sample square working on the short side sideways in 6mm. I found this too loose and the edging of the image wasn’t great.

So the next attempt was longways down in 5.5mm needles. This was just that little bit tighter and the edging looked a lot better. I’ve already sorted out some circular needles that will allow me to knit long ways and work downwards. This should be a relatively quick knit I think and the spare black yarn will be needed for my scrap yarn blanket!

So I’m off to get some more knitting done while Lily gets some more sleep!

Here’s another big grin 🙂


Love to you all and happy knitting!





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