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Lily Shopping… Opps I did it again!

Does Lily need more clothes? No. But she has more anyway.

Mummy and Daddy went shopping again… To be fair we only go to Dronfield about once a year, so it was our first time taking advantage of their baby shops!

Our first stop was the adorable Tiny Tots Boutique (Dronfield). The owner was super lovely and super helpful. We brought Lily some beautiful outfits – although we were sensible and did buy bigger stuff. So she’ll look adorable while she’s learning to walk! I’m not going to say exactly how much we spent… but I will admit that by the time she’s big enough to run through puddles I will not be spending this much!

6-12 months

The light weight organic cotton will make this ideal for the summer

12 Months+

I was about to pay… then I saw this dress and I couldn’t leave without it!
This was half price…. So it would have been rude to leave it behind….
This dress is absolutely adorable. Enough said.

In an effort to then be slightly sensible in our financial decisions we then hit the local charity shops. These are up in the local civic centre and include a Banardos Children’s shop (highly recommend!).

Mummy’s purchase…

Hoping to use this super chunky yarn to knit a miny blanket for Lily – using my super huge needles. So technically a Lily buy really…

Lily shopping

Lily’s first moneybox


£2.49!! Size 12 – 18 months. Also a super colour
£3.49. This red dress is also 12-18 months and is seriously cute. 
John Lewis dress are about £20 new. So for £2 this is an absolute bargin. Size 3-6 months – so Lily will pretty much fit this now. 
At £2.50 with the original label still on it, I couldn’t leave this behind. I have a leather jacket with almost the same design… so when Lily fits this next year we’ll match!
I love Quentin Blake. 25p!
£2.00. We have the Gruffulo equivalent of this book already. Love the sounds and story combo. Also really colourful – so ideal for kids!
£2.99. The joys of co-sleeping? This is now hanging over my bed…

So that’s a summary of our purchases for the weekend! Thankfully I don’t get much time for shopping at the moment so I don’t end up buying to much… Also back at work in April so I can then have less time and more money (for yarn food and bills and other stuff).

Anyhow… I’m off to see if my daughter has any space left in her wardrobe…

Love to you all




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