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9 To Go! (Squares)

So we were away this weekend at my grandparents. They were meeting their newest great-granddaughter and so Lily got lots of cuddles and I managed to get some knitting done!

I managed to get 3 squares finished this weekend! Although I did pick the stocking stitch squares – so a couple of quick wins.


One square looked a little bored so I did embellish with some cable knitting. It’s actually pretty fun and I’m looking forward to doing some cable projects this year (you may have noticed a few have snuck onto my to make list for the year…..).


I have 2.5 weeks until I go back to work. Hoping to get the last of them knitted before then!!

In some exciting news the fluffy wool for the rabbit jumpers turned up 🙂 So I’m ready for them now. Its Sirdar snowflake DK and so fluffy!!!!


Other post to arrive was the materials to block the squares in prep for sewing together.



So in Lily news, she’s been smiling now for a couple of weeks. But I finally caught a picture of a Lily sized grin this evening 🙂 Grinning and attempting to stand are her new party tricks!! She’s also trying to crawl and roll over. So soon there will be no stopping her!


Will post again about the weekend later in the week – we brought some really cute stuff for Lily!!

Happy knitting!





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