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My favourite items in my craft bag

Today I thought I’d share some if my favourite items that are always carried with me in a craft bag.

1. Pony wool needles.

With their large plastic loops, these have been super useful and so much more practicle than other yarn needles I’ve previously used.

2. Embrodery scissors

These are special to me because they used to belong to my grandmother. She can’t sew/embroider/knit or crochet anymore due to multiple reasons. But I hope that I can use these to inspire myself to be as good as she was.

Do you have any useful items in your craft bags? Please share below

Love to you all and happy knitting 



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Work in Progress Update!

So I do appreciate that I haven’t posted much this week! In all honesty, this week is my last week of maternity leave and it has absolutely flown by. Any spare moment where Lily has been asleep has been spent knitting furiously!

Star Wars Scarf

After being sat in a bag in my cupboard since we moved in, it is now fully knitted, blocked and ready to back. I’m going to see what fabric I have in my stash for this one… So I’ll update you when I have some time to sew it on!

It’s definitely more of a Lily size scarf.

Patchwork Art of Knitting Blanket

So totally on the final countdown with this WIP now (It’s the Final Countdown!). So I’m super excited about the progress this week. It’s really starting to look awesome. When I’ve finished writing this post I’m going to get on with the rest of the sewing  – all the squares are fully blocked 🙂

I have today borrowed a set of KnitPro 120cm 4mm circular needles from mum (we’re both knitting obsessed) so I can pick up stitches for the border. I’m going to border in black DK and edge the border with some slightly thinner sparkly greeny DK from my stash.

Spare yarn blanket

In my excitement this week I’m also cast on the spare yarn blanket in an attempt to use up some of the yarn left from the patchwork blanket. I’m not joking when I say I have 2 gift boxes worth of spare yarn left….

Premmi baby blanket – Monday group

We knit for PremmieUK, with the yarn donated by a local funeral directors.

I’m knitting a Ripple design blanket for the first time in 4Ply. It’s a really light weight blanket and looking really nice – although it’s not particularly interesting to knit if I’m honest as it’s only 2 lines.

Octopus for a Premmi – Facebook group
This is my practice octo. Trying to figure out how to make the tentacles curl!

Knitting with tiny needles (2.25mm) in cotton (which is a first for me). My hands ache, but it’s for a good cause. Lily will probably be having this one, but it’s a useful chance to practice and figure out the pattern. Currently my tension seems good and I’m not seeing any holes!

In another exciting update this week – I have new hair!! Yes, for my new look I’ve gone part red head. If I’m honest I keep forgetting about it and catching sight of it in the mirror!


That’s all from me today!

Love to you all, Happy knitting!



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Sunday Spotlight

So now the Prosseco has worn off I thought I would get my Sunday Spotlight post together. 

First of all, Happy Mother’s day all! Hope you all had a lovely day 🙂 Lily and Daddy got me this…

My cousin also got some beautiful pictures of Lily at my Grandmother’s today – the dress is Monsoon but brought from a charity shop!

1. Fog knits – WIP Wednesday March Madness

Firstly this week I would like to thank Fog Knits for making me feel that my multi wip state of being is not abmormal. 

She also has some beautiful wips on the needles and the hooks going at the moment – so go and have a nose if you need some inspiring!

  2. A Tangled Yarn Knitter – Cast on: Another baby Sophisticate

This baby cardigon looks like a super simple knit. Ideal for a baby knit -especially as it’s a free Ravelry download – as they just grow so quickly!!!

This lovely blogger has this as one of their staple knits (they’ve knitted it 8 times already!!!) and I think it’ll be somethink I might come back to when Lily is at the point where she’s running through muddy puddles! 

Although the pattern is pretty simplistic I think you could play with it a little and add additional details. 

3. Chronicle of ellen – Who Wore it Better?

Now this post really got the fire back under me to want to try Crochet again. I have a plan is place… so I’ll update you all later as it progresses. 

This story goes that the knitting bunting wasn’t working, but the crochet one did. I think the ability to do both disiplines would really help expand the potential of the yarn. 
4. Dartmoor yarns – In need of colour Good Vibrations

This post introduced me to a new technique – German Short Rows. I love the yarn and the scarf design… Seriously… go and have a look!

♡ Rainbow yarn!
5.  Erika Eckles – Naked knitting and these Sheepy Aromas

A really interesting rewiew on natural undyed british sheep yarn. Really worth a read!

 I’m really trying to understand more of the theory behind knitting, so blogs like this always make me sit up for a read.

So that’s it for me this Sunday 🙂 Thanks for all the fantastic blogs this week!

Love to you all



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Wip progress update

Hay guys, so this is going to be a slightly longer post. This has been an exciting week!

The last of the squares… 

So we are on the last stages of the patchwork blanket! After just over 2 years on this project I am seriously excited to be finishing it. Although, it has been a fantastic project for improving my knitting skills and confidence.

Here’s a few of the final squares…

So these were meant to both be the same… but I had some spare wool. So I mixed the colours up a bit!

I also managed to knit this 2 little ladder squares… the pattern is so simple. But I really love the effect!

While knitting the last square I took the time to organise and lay out the knitted squares. I’ve then piled each long row together and in that order I can then block them on the foam pads I brought last week.

This is the last completed square!!! After 90 squares, this is the final one…. *drum roll please*

I’ve set out the foam pads and pins (serious useful by the way in terms of being able to vary the shape). The pins are also really sturdy.

To dampen the squares I soaked kitchen roll in water and then used candle holders to help flatten the squares. This picture is of the squares after they had been left for 12 hours. They still need to finish drying. But hopefully I should be able to start sewing tomorrow! Plan is to sew one line while the next row is blocking. There’s only 9 rows and then I need to knit the border. The plan is to find some pretty yarn from the stash and pick up stitches for the border. Their wavy version is going to involve knitting separately and sewing on – which just seems far to much effort when I have so many other projects I want to get on with!


So one night last week (while Lily fell asleep on Daddy) I cast on the beginning of a blanket for her on those Giant Needles (24mm). I’m not entirely sure what pattern this blanket will end up being – I’m going to experiment a little as I go along – but it will be fun to see what happens.

Premature Baby Knits

So the background to this little number… I was knitting in the doctors surgery when a bloke struck up a conversation about me knitting and not looking at it. Then a lady next to him joined in. It turned out that she knitted at a local knit and natter group at the local Methodist church on a Monday morning (which fits in with my schedule when I go back to work as well – win!). They knit clothes and blankets for PremmieUK – with the baby yarn donated by a local funeral Directors.

This will be a new pattern to me, so will update as it emerges….

Star Wars scarf

This is the mysterious WIP that I started planning a good few years ago. I found the colour work sections in a blog years ago (sorry that I don’t have the links) and put them together to make a colour work pattern for a scarf. Initially I attempted a sample square working on the short side sideways in 6mm. I found this too loose and the edging of the image wasn’t great.

So the next attempt was longways down in 5.5mm needles. This was just that little bit tighter and the edging looked a lot better. I’ve already sorted out some circular needles that will allow me to knit long ways and work downwards. This should be a relatively quick knit I think and the spare black yarn will be needed for my scrap yarn blanket!

So I’m off to get some more knitting done while Lily gets some more sleep!

Here’s another big grin 🙂


Love to you all and happy knitting!




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Spotlight Sunday

So I read a lot of of blogs through the week. Especially now that I spend a lot of time trapped on the sofa by a sleeping Lily! A lot of these blog feature some amazing advice and inspirational ideas. In light of this I thought I would start a once a week feature to share these awesome posts with the rest of you – just in case you missed them…

What I do think would be really cool would be if this became a thing a lot of us could do. I love seeing where other people’s inspiration comes from. Just a thought? #spotlightsunday

  1. Weighing out your Yarn – Dartmoor Yarns

Now this was a really good idea. Up until this point I’ve been going with the logic that if I have 3 times the length of yarn length left then I have enough to sneak in another yarny row. However, Dartmoor yarns have a much more accurate method to prevent games of yarny chicken – weighing out your yarn. If you know how much yarn you use per row then you can weigh the yarn after each row to see if you have enough left for another.

So I’m off to buy a set of digital kitchen scales……

2. How to fix a cabling mistake without ripping out hours of knitting – Fringe association

With my new cabling skills this post really caught my attention. So Karen managed to cable round the wrong way and managed to mess up her pattern but didn’t notice until a lot later on. Wanting to avoid ripping out all her othewise beautiful knitting, she turned to our old friend Google and she found this post from Yarn Harlot. Basically there is a way of just ripping out the cabling without the surrounding knitting and using a DPN to reknit the pulled stitches correctly back up to the row you were working on!

Absolute genius.

3. Toe Up Sock knitting. Free Rav Pattern – Tangled Yarn Knitter

One of my aims this year is to learn a lot more about sock knitting. So this toe-up free pattern post really caught my attention. I’m really interested in the different techniques of sock knitting as I know there are so many different ways of knitting them.

Here’s a link to the pattern – I’m adding it to my 2017 to knit list to…. That list is getting seriously long now…

4. A List of Charity Patterns – Yarnbob

Looking to treat yourself to some new patterns or yarn? Yarnbob has found some beautiful yarny beauties that also give to charity with every purchase.

I do have a pattern in mind for this yarn…

Love is Love

5. F.O. AIDEZ CARDIGAN – Night Owl Nook

This beautiful finished knit is a freebie pattern that you can find here. Night owl initially knitted this is 2014 and then it died in the wash… So, feeling inspired she’s reknitted it in a slightly looser fit in Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky. It’s now fully washable and looks absolutely stunning!

Definitely a pattern for my To-Make List…. I have a feeling this list will be still in progress into next year!

So that’s my list of posts that’s really inspired me for this week. I’ll see you all same time same place next week!

Love to you all and happy knitting



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Lily Shopping… Opps I did it again!

Does Lily need more clothes? No. But she has more anyway.

Mummy and Daddy went shopping again… To be fair we only go to Dronfield about once a year, so it was our first time taking advantage of their baby shops!

Our first stop was the adorable Tiny Tots Boutique (Dronfield). The owner was super lovely and super helpful. We brought Lily some beautiful outfits – although we were sensible and did buy bigger stuff. So she’ll look adorable while she’s learning to walk! I’m not going to say exactly how much we spent… but I will admit that by the time she’s big enough to run through puddles I will not be spending this much!

6-12 months

The light weight organic cotton will make this ideal for the summer

12 Months+

I was about to pay… then I saw this dress and I couldn’t leave without it!
This was half price…. So it would have been rude to leave it behind….
This dress is absolutely adorable. Enough said.

In an effort to then be slightly sensible in our financial decisions we then hit the local charity shops. These are up in the local civic centre and include a Banardos Children’s shop (highly recommend!).

Mummy’s purchase…

Hoping to use this super chunky yarn to knit a miny blanket for Lily – using my super huge needles. So technically a Lily buy really…

Lily shopping

Lily’s first moneybox


£2.49!! Size 12 – 18 months. Also a super colour
£3.49. This red dress is also 12-18 months and is seriously cute. 
John Lewis dress are about £20 new. So for £2 this is an absolute bargin. Size 3-6 months – so Lily will pretty much fit this now. 
At £2.50 with the original label still on it, I couldn’t leave this behind. I have a leather jacket with almost the same design… so when Lily fits this next year we’ll match!
I love Quentin Blake. 25p!
£2.00. We have the Gruffulo equivalent of this book already. Love the sounds and story combo. Also really colourful – so ideal for kids!
£2.99. The joys of co-sleeping? This is now hanging over my bed…

So that’s a summary of our purchases for the weekend! Thankfully I don’t get much time for shopping at the moment so I don’t end up buying to much… Also back at work in April so I can then have less time and more money (for yarn food and bills and other stuff).

Anyhow… I’m off to see if my daughter has any space left in her wardrobe…

Love to you all



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9 To Go! (Squares)

So we were away this weekend at my grandparents. They were meeting their newest great-granddaughter and so Lily got lots of cuddles and I managed to get some knitting done!

I managed to get 3 squares finished this weekend! Although I did pick the stocking stitch squares – so a couple of quick wins.


One square looked a little bored so I did embellish with some cable knitting. It’s actually pretty fun and I’m looking forward to doing some cable projects this year (you may have noticed a few have snuck onto my to make list for the year…..).


I have 2.5 weeks until I go back to work. Hoping to get the last of them knitted before then!!

In some exciting news the fluffy wool for the rabbit jumpers turned up 🙂 So I’m ready for them now. Its Sirdar snowflake DK and so fluffy!!!!


Other post to arrive was the materials to block the squares in prep for sewing together.



So in Lily news, she’s been smiling now for a couple of weeks. But I finally caught a picture of a Lily sized grin this evening 🙂 Grinning and attempting to stand are her new party tricks!! She’s also trying to crawl and roll over. So soon there will be no stopping her!


Will post again about the weekend later in the week – we brought some really cute stuff for Lily!!

Happy knitting!