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F.O – Baby Blanket

As promised – I have managed to finish the weave effect Baby Blanket. This pattern was from the Love Knitting for Baby magazine Dec Issue.

I really did enjoy knitting this pattern – designed by the blogged Laura Strutt. It was really easy to follow and had enough aspects of the pattern that you could really personalise it. The design was also really quick to knit up when you get into the rhythm.


In addition, I also feel a lot more comfortable with picking up stitches than I was before I started. It’s really helped me understand how this technique can affect the structure of a garment.

Those of you with a keen eye may notice that the border does not match the colours used in the body of the blanket. That would be because I didn’t have enough wool left of the 2 balls of each colour for the border. I could have done with having 3 of each. So I found a ball of wool in John Lewis that I could order in next day collection. I was in such a rush to order the yarn (I really wanted to get the blanket finished) that I ended up ordering the slightly off red instead of the red.

Although, I’m actually really pleased with the overall effect and to make the colour look less like a mistake, I knitting the border with 5 rows rather than the advised 3. Personally, I think it gives the colour more of a pop.

Lily tested the blanket out this morning. We went on a walk while the sun was out. Although it was a bit chilly (hence the pick ASDA hat).


What have you lovely lot finished recently?

I’m off to focus on getting the patchwork finished (and giving Lily lots of cuddles)!

Mummy brain signing off




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