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7 Week Update

So Lily is now 7 weeks old today. It’s been a weird 7 weeks to be honest. A strange point between wakefulness and sleeping. Even being awake hasn’t been fully awake.

Learning how to be a new mum has definitely been one of the best as well as one of the hardest things I have ever done. But it’s so rewarding – especially now Lily is starting to smile. Both my husband and I have have been given a huge grin at least once this week. Her little personality is starting to eek through and it’s so much fun watching it happen.

The scary thing is that I only have a month left before I have to go back to work. I was honestly not expecting the time to go this quickly  – which was probably a bit naive to be honest. But due to necessity I need to go back to work, which will reduce any sparish time I have considerably.

So I need to get some serious speed knitting done over the next few weeks to get my WIPS finished. I’m also looking forward to watching Lily get more and more alert. There is a couple of local sensory groups  I want to start taking her to in about a month. She’s completely in love with lights and shiny things at the moment and starting to stay awake for longer and longer periods.

Lily is also now managing to stay awake for most of the under one’s group we go to on a Wednesday morning. This week was the first time she’s started to pay attention to some of the other babies. I’m hoping she’ll eventually figure out crawling by paying attention and copying the other babies. She’s currently one of the youngest in the group so I’m hoping she’ll get a lot out of it.

I won’t do a WIPS update this week. I’ve been focusing on Lily’s blanket this week to try and get it finished. Only about 2.5 colour rows and the border need doing  – then it’s all done! Lily is with her grandparents this afternoon. So once I’ve finished this speedy update then I will get on with some speedy knitting (along with a cheeky G&T! – while the mice/baby is away….)….

Love to you all, Mummy brain signing off




2 thoughts on “7 Week Update

  1. Aww, I love when little ones begin smiling and showing their personality! Good luck with your WIPs! ^_^

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