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To make list – the beginning

Right… so I keep adding stuff to my make list. I really felt like I needed to get all the ideas together for planned projects in a list so I can focus on the projects I have yarn for before I buy more of it…. Although I can’t promise I won’t come back from the knitting and stitching show with more yarns and more patterns… 

I’ll confess those yarny sins when I get back… 

1. Firstly I want to get this blanket finished. Another 10 rows to go and then the border.

2. Then I want to get this blanket finished. 20 squares, then to sew them together before adding the border to go.

3. Then I want to finish a Star Wars scarf WIP I found in my wardrobe while tidying last weekend. Sample tension square done and needles / yarn purchased.

4. This freebie lace shawl pattern. This would be my first lace pattern. So pretty exciting. Yarn came free with mag and needles purchased.

5. Knitted baby sock. Yarn already purchased. This will be the first if 12 socks I want to knit this year.

6. Jumper for Lily. 

7. Cardigon for Lily.

8.  Scrap yarn blanket. I found this crochet pattern yonks ago. Now I have enough scrap yarn this I think I can make the background look really funky. Will probably end up giving this to Lily for a Christmas present or keeping it as a family blanket for the sofa. 


Original Source of Chart Image – Happy Hooker

So that should keep me busy for a while. But I really need to focus on 1 project at a time to ensure that they make some decent progress. I think that needs to be a resolution for the year!

Off to carry on knitting!




3 thoughts on “To make list – the beginning

  1. I have that issue and was thinking about doing the shawl except I already had two balls of blue yarn from a sale ages ago and was going to use that instead. If you run out of yarn let me know and I’ll send it to you as I wasn’t sure what else I could do with it!! x

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