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WIP Progress Report

Hay to all my lovely followers!

So this week has actually been super productive on the knitting front. I’ve had lots of lovely friends and family come to visit me this week and so I’ve managed to get a lot of knitting done!

This week we are totaling 6 squares (so catching up on my 2 square shortfall from last week) and 2 colour rows of the blanket.

The reason for my massive square catch up is I had a batch of 5 moss stitch squares to complete. Over the course of the week I have become – if I do say so myself – a pretty speedy moss stitch knitter. The first square took me about 6 hours to knit, while the 5th one took about half the time. I still think the stitch is seriously boring to do for any length of time, but the final affect is nice.

So I only have 21 squares to knit (according to my spreadsheet which was definitely a Godsend to the speedy completion of this project). Which means we are definitely on the final countdown to this first stage of my knitting journey. After we’ve sewn that together I can find something else to knit… (AKA start my aim of finishing 12 socks this year)

I’m hoping to get some serious blanket rows knitting done this afternoon and during this week. It’s really starting to gain some length now! It’s becoming a seriously awesome blanket and I am looking forward to seeing the final finished piece. Of course, I am especially looking forward to seeing Lily actually using the final finished piece!

Lily, on the other hand, is growing every day – can you believe she’s 6 weeks today? She’s now weighing in at a healthy 12ib (about 5.4kg). The health visitor came on Friday and was really pleased with her development. Lily can now hold her head up and almost has enough strength to sit up – we also have an ’emerging smile’ (so not just wind and this was witnessed by the Health Visitor). She’s also starting to pay attention to rattles and turning her head to see the direction of the sound. So it shouldn’t be long until she starts properly reacting to her toys (she has a lot).

What’s going to hold back the knitting a bit is my slow transference of my blog back catalog onto Google Blogger. Don’t panic, I’m not leaving WordPress. This is just part of my overall goal to start generating a bit of an income from blogging. A lot of the books I’m reading are suggesting that this process is easier over on Google Blogger, so I’m going to post content on both sites as I really do enjoy the WordPress platform. But copying the back catalog over will mean more content which increases the chances of getting hits on the blog and therefore the chances of getting click throughs on the ads. So promotion of those posts will hopefully also increase the chances of click throughs.

Basically there will be time I could be knitting that will involve blogs being copied over instead. But, it has also meant I’ve had a bit of a tidy on this blog to, so you now have a bit more of a streamlined navigation bar above. So that’s progress on one of those pesky resolutions!

Yarn Addict Signing off – I have a lot to get done this afternoon!




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