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1 month in – wips in progress, more wips to be and baby progress

So we’re just slightly over 1 month in to motherhood. Lily and me are doing pretty well. 

She has put on one serious growth spurt over the last couple of weeks! We’re now about 11.5 ibs. So Lily is now in size 2 nappies – my baby is growing so quickly!

Which does mean she’s already growing out of clothes… Thankfully I managed to pick up this dress for an absolute bargin from a charity shop last week -£1.00!!!

Her development is happening so fast as well. She can now lift her head up and she wants to able to crawl and sit up – she just needs a little more strength in her arms and back. Deffinately no longer a newborn!

Lily’s pram blanket is making some serious progress. I’ve figured that if I can get about 3 rows a week done it will be about finished by the time I get back to work in April. 

I’ve also managed to get a couple of squares done for the patchwork blanket. I need to average about 4 of these a week to get this done before I head back to work…. So yes I am running behind already.

While in Hobbycraft yesterday I made the mistake of checking out their magazines…

The freebie yarn is to make this easy level lace pattern…  

I’ve ordered the required circular needles and am actually really excited about giving this a go! 

The mag also has some other really cute pattern ideas.   Will let you know more when I get around to knitting them… 

That’s me over and out while I run off to the needles while Lily continues to nap…

Mummy brain signing off




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