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Blog prompt – Craft/crafting

Today I felt inspired by the wordpress word prompt...

I’ve always been into craft and crafting. My Crafting genius started early on… 

My crafting talents lay dormant for a long time though. I learnt some basic knitting stitches from my nan when I was 7 and spent my time knitting scarves for dolls.

From there I took art for GCSE. Which was a great chance to learn how to plan a project. I also had a chance to play with a number of materials.

I managed to get an A… so I was actully pretty good at drawing at that time. Although my skill has sadely decreased due to the lack of drawing practice in the following years.

Through the A level and uni years I unfortunately lost any priority for crafting. I did rediscover writing for a time (I had spent most of my teenage years writing fanfiction) and wrote a draft of a novel that is yet to be edited, but the yarn lay gathering dust in a cupboard.

The only crafting I did for a long time was this me to you cross stitch kit.

When I really get in the zone my cross stitching isn’t to bad. However, I do find this zone very hard to find and normally struggle to count the squares etc. My more recent attempts at cross stitch have ended in a rather botched attempt and corresponding reduction in enthusiasm for the project.

The craft of knitting didn’t find its way back into my heart until a couple of years ago. I’d recently finished a job that had really stressed me out and found a new one where I was much happier. As a result I wanted to really ensure that I kept myself on more of an even plane.

I picked up issue 1 one the art of knitting and I was completely hooked again. Within days I had subscribed and was knitting squares almost constantly. One of my early successes was a scarf (we’ll ignore the couple of dropped stitches) which I’m still wearing today.

While I admit the squares are still continuing, my confidence in my knitting has really progressed. I’m now knitting from proper patterns and feel more confident with trying new technical elements and more complex designs. With this constant learning process this is a craft that I plan on keeping at the forefront for a very long time. 

I’m also loving being able to knit for my daughter now. It’s so rewarding.

My current major WIP is a blanket for her. I’m hoping that will be done by the end of the month.

So knitting is the craft that constantly saves my sanity on a daily basis and is the subject of many of my articles on here. So also my muse as well 🙂

Going to go and smell my yarn stash now…

Mummy brain signing off 



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