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More baby patterns….

So while I was in street on Saturday I may have found a knitting shop. I may have also left with 2 new knitting patterns and the relevant wool to make them… oppss..

To be fair my husband was there and said it was ok…

For both these patterns I’m knitting the largest size. I’ve got no idea how long they will take to knit, so I do want to make sure Lily fits in it when I’ve finished… she is growing so quickly!

Pattern one:

Knitted in DK. I’m going for the main colour and pink glitter and then white glitter for the outside. The pattern looks pretty simple to knit, and the previous Stylecraft pattern was a really nice knit. 

Pattern two:

Knitted in baby DK. This is a cardi with a hood with ears. Proper cute 🙂 and I can’t wait to see Lily in it. I don’t think it will be massively complex, but equally a good knitting challenge.

While we’re on the topic of knitting, I though I also better update you guys on my current WIP progress…

I’m about 1/2 way now on the blanket. So we’re making some good progress. This WIP comes out while Lily is sleeping or getting cuddles with our lovely friends or relatives! I also got almost an entire row of rectangles done on the way to Street on Saturday 🙂 

Lily is also doing well. She is now so much more alert and is starting to really pay attention to bright lights and faces. Apart from now… as she’s currently napping on nana!

This is a really cute pic of her from last week in an R2D2 onesie we brought her from mothercare 🙂 

Mummy brain signing off




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