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Baby shopping

So I have brought myself a total of 1 outfit and about 6 million for Lily… I can’t help it. Baby clothes are just so cute!! 

I wanted to show you some of my best buys and some of my favourites from the last few days.

So these were from Tesco…. I’ve not been able to walk past their baby clothes without buying anything for months now… They quality is good, the designs are adorable and the price is pretty good too.

These are for now:

And this one is for when she’s a little bit bigger.

We then went to Street (near Glastonbury, UK) yesterday. The purpose of the visit was to buy suits for my brother in laws wedding in April – they are all going to look amazing! – but I did take the opportunity to buy lots of baby clothes 🙂 

M&S outlet store, for when she’s a bit bigger:

Gap outlet store – also for when she is a little bigger:

These were from an adorable boutique store that just sells organic baby clothes.

 Although the organic thing wasn’t the selling point. We just both loved the range of clothes on offer. We did buy stuff for later on in the year though so she gets full wear from them. These were a little more expensive…

This one is for next autumn:

These are for over the summer:

Thinking the rocket onesie will look fab with a pair of dungarees 🙂 We have some really cute ones for when she gets a bit bigger 🙂 

I may have also brought some knitting patterns and yarn… but I’ll fess up in another post…

Mummy brain signing off 




2 thoughts on “Baby shopping

  1. As Mum to three boys and nana to two, by the time Little Miss F came along I was a real sucker and still am for little girl clothes. Every little girl needs a nana who buys for them and Lily is so lucky to have her Mama buyong as well. Enjoy every purchase.

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