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Baby apps and Trying to Make Sense of Things

With these broken nights of sleep, I have less separate days and more periods of just being awake.

Like many people, my Smartphone is absolutely chock-a-bloc with apps. Yesterday we had a friend and her baby over for a catch up and she recommended a few apps for me to help keep track of Lily based information on my phone. It’s actually a little bit insane how much info you can keep track of.

Downloaded an app called ‘baby tracker’ that literally records everything. What and how much they have drank, nappies and what was in them, how long they slept for and how much milk you’ve managed to express. You can also record any milestones etc and set alarms for feeding, nappy changed and sleeping. Although, I don’t think I’ll use the alarms as Lily seems pretty good at telling me when she’s hungry or uncomfortable. She’s also sleeping pretty well. It will be useful to keep track of progress and to be able to accurately answer questions from Health Visitors.

In addition, she also recommended the ‘Sound sleeper’ app. I’ve not actually tried this one out yet. But it essentially has loads of white noise sounds that we can play to the baby to help her settle. Apparently the hairdryer noise is almost guaranteed to work with my friend’s son – which sounds very odd to me. I’ll have to sit down and figure out what works best with Lily! Although currently just having the TV on helps settle her…


So continuing with this app theme, I thought I’d have a nose through other apps to see if I could use them to help solve my other issues. With constantly having to run around after Lily (small babies apparently need a lot of attention!) I’m struggling to find time to keep myself hydrated and have time to eat something healthy (I had an entire box of Jaffa Cakes for breakfast)…..  The problem with this is I’m then struggling to deal with the sleep deprivation and struggling to produce enough milk.

With the hydration issue I’ve downloaded ‘Hydro Coach’. You decide how much you need to drink in a day – I’ve set 100 fl Oz as my target because I need to keep hydrated enough to produce enough milk to express. The perk of this app is you record your drinks as you finish them and if you haven’t recorded a drink in a certain period the app alerts you to remind you to drink. So hopefully that should start to make a difference!

I’ve also downloaded Milk Tracker as a separate app to keep track of the milk I express. I’m hoping that I can start to see the amount I express will increase as I start to work out how to look after myself better.

It’s odd, I seemed to have figured out how to keep Lily fed and with a clean nappy and completely forgotten how to look after myself… Why is that suddenly so hard? Any tips on how to balance it all out would be very welcome!



So currently enjoying lots of visits from friends and family. I use those times where Lily is getting hugs from others to attempt to get some knitting done. I’m glad that the blanket doesn’t require any counting!!

Planning my first major day out away from Lily for March – I go back to work in April, so we need to get her used to being away from me. My husband has an event at the end of the month (EGX Rezzed gaming festival) and so I thought I’d have a look at knitting events in London this year. There is the knitting and stitching festival in March that I currently have my eye on. I’m planning on going up on the Sunday – if anyone else in the UK planning a yarn themed escape that weekend?

Mummy brain signing off

Mrs Kirsty Holl



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