Home time!!

So bubs (aka Lily) is now a week old. I seriously can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by!! 

For those of you who weren’t aware, we’ve spent the last week in hospital. Initially that was because I lost 2L of blood after delivery and they needed to keep me in for observation. Then about Wednesday they gave Lily a chest xray because her resps were high. They then found out she had a chest infection in her right lung. So then she got put on antobiotics for 5 days. 

Thankfuly on Friday we got the all clear that the infection markers had gone. So it was just a case of finishing the treatment last night. We’ve now been given the all clear and can actually head home! 

We’ve been in NHS Poole maternity hospital in Dorset. The maternity staff down here have been exceptional. We’ve been so supported through all of our questions and any issues we’ve had. Both the pre, delivery and post natal teams have been amazing and there is nothing else we could have asked of them. 

The problem is that the powers that be want to close Poole maternity unit (with both emergency capabilities and a borth suite) and just have Bournemouth – where most of these facilities would need to be built.

Please Sign this petition to help save Poole hospital maternity unit.

Mummy brain signing off

Mrs kirsty holl


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