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Day 6 update

I’m not going to lie, the last week has been a bit of a blur. My last clear memory is watching X-files last Saturday the sofa. 

Lily has grown already over the last 6 days. She’s getting past the newborn stage and now more young baby. But she is definately getting cuter every day. 

Feeding has been an interesting challenge. Lily, being a 9ib 2oz baby to start with has been pretty hungry! As a result we’ve ended up feeding her a mix of formula and breast milk. The breast pump has been a bit of a lifesaver in that regard. It means both my husband and I can feed her, we know how much she’s getting and how hungry she is. Lily also hasn’t figured out how to latch on and tends to fall asleep instead!

As you can imagine, we have a lot of photos šŸ™‚ She’s  the first grandchild on both sides – so she has some very excited grandparents with camera phones!!

In terms of knitting, I managed to get a little of the blanket knitted last Sunday while waiting for the induction. However not  a lot else has happened with this one as the 24 hours of waiting became 3cm dilated to born in 8 hours! 

This week I’ve also managed to cast on and knit a couple of rows of another square. So I’m taking that as my win for the week! 

Most of my time seems to be spent with 1 arm being monopolised by Lily (who I think has claimed it as her own), feeding her or changing nappies (fyi newborn nappies really smell!!). Any time she’s sleeping in her cot I’m also sleeping!

Loving this time with her while she’s still so small. It’s so nice being able to just cuddle her.

Wondering if I’ll get much more knitting or sleeping time…. 

Mummy brain signing off



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