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What to Do with All That Scrap Wool

Note: I wrote this blog back in November. I knew that I had a lot of scrappy bits of wool that I doesn’t have enough of for normal projects and I thought planning projects while I was actually awake was a good idea.

So my husband’s dream (or dearest desperate wish) is that I find a way of using up some of that scrap wool I have stored upstairs. I’ve also got a lots of bits of scrap wool left from the squares that need using up. So I really need to look at some ways of using these up in super easy projects that I can fit around bubs.

Inspiration Job 1: I’ve had a variation of this one sat around for a while. But I think this one would be much more appropriate than the Dark Mark for a blanket for bubs. Because it will be made with a variation of wool it will be something for when bubs is a bit older – which works well with my knitting timescales for these projects!

The chart is from a crochet designer called Happy Hooker. I figures just swapping this for Stocking stitch rather that crochet should be the plan. I’ve ordered some 1m long 5mm circular needles – so hopefully this should be a project that should come together relatively quickly.

Original Source of Chart Image – Happy Hooker


Inspiration Job 2: Buzzfeed is a dangerous place… I spotted this article from Buzzfeed with project ideas for left over yarn.

This project idea caught my attention as I already have the balls from another project from last year.  When I’ve finished putting them together I plan on hanging them from the ceiling in what will be bub’s room over the day bed. We’re going to be using it as a guest bed/changing table so hopefully it will act like a mobile for bubs to get distracted by while I’m attempting to change smelly nappies!

Months ago I tried a test ball of wool for this one. So I know the theory and method works. I think this would be an awesome decoration for the nursery – especially with all the colours. When I’ve done them all I plan on using the remaining of my spray glitter to glitterfy the balls 🙂

This is a really easy project. I have some 6cm and 1.5cm Styrofoam balls (although I would like to get some more in a size between the too). You also need some PVA glue, scissors and any spare  yarn you have lying around! You will also need some thread to attach them and hand them - I've found some brightly coloured metallic thread in my stash to use!



So here’s to having some actually time for crafting while bubs is asleep!

Tired Mummy Brain Signing off




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