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The arrival 

So bubs has finally come out to meet us! 

As planned, we were induced Sunday morning at about 9ish. Contractions (initially mistaken for awful constipation!) began at about 3ish. This was a lot faster than predicted as the first stage was meant to last 24 hours!!! 

Bubs was born at 6:47 pm Sunday evening. Having spent the last 6 months conviced I was having a boy (we didn’t know but it was fun to guess!), I was rather surprised to learn I’d given birth to a 9.2Ibs baby girl!

Dear readers, I’d like you all to meet Lily.

We’ve spent the last few days in hospital because I lost a bit of blood. They wanted to double check everything was ok first. Heading home hopefully some time today 🙂 

Mummy brain signing off



10 thoughts on “The arrival 

  1. Congratulations! I thought Chickadee was going to be a boy, but I was only in suspense for a month as I elected to find out at twenty weeks. You will enjoy having a daughter. 🙂 Love the family photo you recently posted.

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