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Knitting and Bub progress

So in some very exciting news – I am being induced on Sunday if bubs doesn’t make an appearence some time today. They’ve decided to that just because of how large bubs is in comparison to my size. So Sunday is going to be exciting!

With this deadline date fast approaching I wanted to get the last few patterns of my more complex squares done. The baby blanket WIP is really simple and is something I can really easily pick up and put down while bubs has a sleep. 

Managed some very productive knitting on the squares over the last few days!

Zig zag square: I actually really enjoyed this knit because it involved concentration due to the counting. 




Ridged bobble square: I’ve knitted a few of these before, but this was definately my best version! I also realised how much I love knitting in teal and really need to start using it more in my colour palate.

I’m already about half way through the next square. So that only leaves 3 more individual squares to knit in the complex last after its finished. So the plan for today is lots of knitting mixed in with giving the house another through tidy! 

Baby brain signing off




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