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Progress shot for knitted patchwork

Hay guys, just a quick post today. Thought you guys might like to see a bit more of an overall progress shot on the completed squares for the patchwork blanket. 

I can’t believe how many squares there are now!! Over half way on the knitting front now (about 35 squares left to knit from the original 90). My plan is to do any blocking as required at the end. Then I’ll sew everything togethet afterwards. The only thing left to do then will be to add a border! 

So nearllyish there now. Most of the ones left to do are really easy knits. Theoretically we could logic it out that we’re on the homeward stretch now. 

I might spend the next couple of days on squares to make sure I get the last few complex ones done before bubs gets here. The blanket I’m knitting for bubs is pretty easy to knit – so doesnt need me to be actually awake!  

What new year projects are you lovely lot working on? Feel free to leave a link below in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Baby brain signing off




4 thoughts on “Progress shot for knitted patchwork

    1. You should x its so relaxing and a great distraction technique (it helps me ignore that I’m 39 weeks pregnant and everything aches constanly!). I have this project running alongside another so I can switch between them when I get bored. Any ideas on what you might want to knit? X hope you recovery is speedy xxx

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