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Update: knitting and bubs 

Managed to get some serious knitting done on the first day of the year (so an excellent start). My everything has been aching, so ended up confining myself to the sofa. Thankfully bubs decided to behave this morning and we didn’t need the monitoring appointment – so I cancelled that so someone else could use it. We have a scan tomorrow morning, so hopefully we’ll understand more about what bubs is doing then.

Knitting summary for Yesterday: 

Diagonal square: white

This was surprisingly a really simple pattern to knit. You need to follow the pattern really carefully, but other than that was just variations of k3,p3 pattern. So this was a super quick knit 🙂

Baby Blanket

Managed to get another 3 colour rows worked yesterday. It only adds about 5/6cm to the length. But it is starting to look a lot more substantial now. Obviously knitting this as quickly as possible at the moment – we are seriously running out of time!!

The Plan for today

Having had a really chilled out day yesterday, I actually have a serious burst of energy for today and just want to get a load of jobs ticked off the list.

We went out for breakfast this morning at the local premier inn. The hubby goes back to work tomorrow, so it was nice to chill out together. We then followed that up with a Pokemon Go themed walk down at the local park. The weather was absolutely beautiful – just a bit chilly! I also managed to catch a few Pokemon I needed and gain some distance on some eggs I am trying to hatch.

The plan for the afternoon is as follows:

  • Edit and update a spreadsheet for a mate (I am a bit of a fan on Excel – so feel free to ping me any questions if you have any)
  • Make a start on my Daily Greatness Journal – new year, new me (and mini me)
  • Start reading through the collection of blogging books I’ve brought to help grow this blog
  • Take down my Christmas decs – otherwise bubs will turn up and it just won’t happen!
  • Catch up on clothes washing – again when bubs appears there will be a lot!
  • Tidy up my lounge – it looks like it’s been attacked after a week of both of us being in the house.
  • Knitting – Complete the last Diagonal Stripe Square.
  • Knitting – work 2 colour rows of the baby blanket
  • Schedule/draft blog articles – with the theory that with bubs I am not going to have a lot of time!

So fingers crossed for a productive afternoon!

Happy knitting all!

Baby Brain Signing off!




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