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Progress on my to-do list

Thought you guys would like an update on my progress went with that to-do list:

  • Edit and update a spreadsheet for a mate (I am a bit of a fan on Excel – so feel free to ping me any questions if you have any) – done!
  • Make a start on my Daily Greatness Journal – new year, new me (and mini me) managed to make a decent amount of progress through the planning stages 
  • Start reading through the collection of blogging books I’ve brought to help grow this blog – not got very far with this one. Started the book from Problogger by Darren Rowse and Chris Garret. So far feels like a really easy read and it looks like its going to be really informative.
  • Take down my Christmas decs – otherwise bubs will turn up and it just won’t happen! – Christmas tree down and all of the decs packed away. Currently in boxes on the stairs ready to go into the loft!
  • Catch up on clothes washing – again when bubs appears there will be a lot! – all done and hung up 🙂 
  • Tidy up my lounge – it looks like it’s been attacked after a week of both of us being in the house. – looking significantly better then it did this morning! 
  • Knitting – Complete the last Diagonal Stripe Square. – completed! So that’s another pattern down 🙂 really enjoyed knitting this one actually! 
  • Knitting – work 2 colour rows of the baby blanket – worked one so far. So making some progress on this 🙂 

  • Schedule/draft blog articles – with the theory that with bubs I am not going to have a lot of time! – so not really made any progress on this. Going to get started this evening once I’ve posted this one.

There was also a massive energy crash which saw me half dozing on the sofa for a couple of hours. My hips have also started hurting again. So I think the plan is to jump into another hot bath later on in the hope my muscles feel less achy!

I also managed to capture this really cool bit of footage of bubs having a good of wiggle around. Head over to my Instagram @mrskirstyholl if you want to take a look!

Happy new year all

Baby brain signing off




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