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Week 39: WIPs, Bubs and Post Holiday Update

Hello all!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. As I’m sure many of you have done, I had planned to use this week to get on with some serious knitting! That lull between Christmas and New Year always seems to offer me a curious lull where knitting can happen at some serious pace during the Christmas TV screenings/catching up on series while both my husband and I have time off work.

Obviously, this year, my time off will last a while longer while we wait for bubs to make an appearence! I’ll be off work now until the beginning of April. I can’t guarantee much blogging will get done in that time, but I will try to keep you lovely lot somewhat updated – just with less regular or predictable postings!

So that plan did sound beautiful. Bubs however has other ideas….. From boxing day I’ve been having very irregular contractions. Resulting in me being very uncomfortable and very tired for now nearlly a week. 

We’ve been down the hospital twice this week because bubs decided to not move much for a few hours. The very lovely midwifes in my local NHS hospital have been very patient and bubs has thankfully been ok once the machine was hooked up. So this week we have another monitoring appointment booked for tomorrow (incase bubs plays silly buggers again tomorrow) and a scan on Tuesday to check everything is actually fine! So a busy couple of days ahead…

 Finished Squares 
Moss Stitch Zig Zag square = 1 white. This isn’t a quick knit and I seriously don’t think I could cope with this on a larger project scale. But I love the effect it creates!

Current W.I.P:

Diagonal stripe square = 1 grey and 1 white

Still Left on the Complex List:
Zigzag stripe square = 2 grey and 1 white

Ridged striped with bobbles square = 1 teal

Diamond Seed Stitch Square = 1 grey and 1 navy

Moss Stitch Diagonal stripes = 1 grey and 1 white

Baby Blanket!

I’m seriously still in love with this project. It’s a beautiful effect that it’s creating and I love watching it come together.Now I’m just looking forward to seeing it finished and bubs using it 🙂

Baby brain signing off🙂




2 thoughts on “Week 39: WIPs, Bubs and Post Holiday Update

  1. Oh, I know that feeling too well. Hope that Bubs was just taking a quick rest in anticipation of joining you soon! Wishing you and your family all the best in this Happy New Year.

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