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Knitting Memes

So I thought it would be fun to have a nose around the internet to see if I could find any good knitting memes. I wasn’t disappointed and I thought to share the best ones with you 🙂 Think of these as my Christmas Present to you!

This is a beautiful combination between Downton Abbey and Knitting… I agree with the notion that knitting should count as excersise!

in the loop

This one is definitely true – especially not to your significant other… They always seem to have issues when you try to add to it… Apparently when I can’t shut the lid any more I shouldn’t be buying more wool…



For People who don’t knit this always seems to be really difficult to understand. Especially during a large row!


Now this one is certainly true. I feel myself going a little stir crazy if I don’t knit at least every couple of days. Is that just me or is that everybody?


Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas! As always this has been an amazing year and thank you for all your support, inspiration and help 🙂


Love to you all! This is me signing off until the New Year. I’m going to take some time chilling out while we wait for bubs. I want to spend some serious time catching up with knitting and craft projects.

Baby Brain Signing off





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