WIP Progress – Squares and Baby Blanket

Hay guys!

In an interesting an unexpected twist the focus and the travel projects have swapped places.

It turns out the baby blanket is an easier knit than I predicted, the counting required is limited and there are clues in the knitting as to where to stop and start. So this one is coming together nicely as it’s really easy to do while watching Netflix (Scorpian) or Now TV (Criminal Minds).

On the other hand the slightly more complex squares were apprently accurately selected. They’re currently involving lots of stitch counting – meaning I can’t knit them and be sociable in any sort of company! This is causing this stage of the project to slow up considerably. Hence the lack of progress on this one!

The plan though is definaltely working. I am now down to 38 squares to knit out of the original 90. So I have officially made it past the half way mark! Especially as a significant chunk (26) aren’t being accounted for the by the complex list below. So after this list is finished I’m pretty much on the home straight with this project! Although with bubs almost here (just over 2 weeks until my due date now!) I’m not entirely sure if I could guess a reasonable estimate for a time scale on this one!

Current Completed squares:

Pennant Stitch Square = 1 blue and 1 grey.

Grey – once I got into the swing of this…the 12 line pattern picked up a little speed.

Blue- I am loving this pattern in the blue πŸ™‚ The contrast is much more visable than it was in the grey!

Step Stitch Square = 3 white and 1 grey

White number 1, 2 & 3 done πŸ™‚ This pattern is actually pretty simple. Variation of a 4k, 4p in sets of 4. So, in contrast to the pennent square, this came together pretty quickly!

Now for the singular grey one…

Current W.I.P: 
Moss Stitch Zig Zag square = 1 white

Still Left on the Complex List:
Diagonal stripe square = 1 grey and 1 white

Zigzag stripe square = 2 grey and 1 white

Ridged striped with bobbles square = 1 teal

Diamond Seed Stitch Square = 1 grey and 1 navy

Moss Stitch Diagonal stripes = 1 grey and 1 white

On the other hand, the baby blanket is making some progress!

In the last couple of projects I have thankfully had lots of practice in picking up stitches – a seriously essential skill for this one! It’s what causes the effect of two directional stripes. I am also seriously thankful I made sure to buy some circular needles. This has made the project much easier to knit and store. I’m also really pleased with my wool choice – the colour contrast is awesome!

Baby brain signing offπŸ™‚




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