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How Many is too Many?

Sooo….. in the process of organising stuff before bubs get here… I thought that it would be a good idea to have a sort out if my needles. The idea being that if I want to get any crafting done it will be easier if I can find things!

I also thought I’d make use of my new shiny needle wrap that I brought the other week 🙂

So I have now spilt my needles by size in the relevant pockets. The yellow holder houses all my long needles and the blue one all my short needles. From experience, sometime you just need a set of long needles! 

My main weakness seems to be fates where I find a pack of needles for 50p that someone else doesnt need anymore!! 

There is also a thrid wrap with my double ended needles too… my round needles are in a box… although I plan on filing away the smaller ones in size order.

How have I ended up with so many? Definately an addiction! Will I end up buying more? Almost definately!

Is this normal? Or do some of you have more that I can aspire to? Do you have a better way of organising your needles? 

Baby brain signing off




3 thoughts on “How Many is too Many?

  1. I totally agree. I’ve about 100 circular needles alone. I haven’t seen a knitting needle (or crochet hook) that didn’t appeal.

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