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Baby WIP – Baby blanket

So it’s time to get you guys updated with the next WIP baby project. 

This inspiration came from a magazine I picked up in Tesco. £4.99 and some beautiful patterns.

I found this beautiful blanket which I fell in love with.

There’s an article in the back which is an interview with the designer. Laura Strutt  is apprently a blogger and also has a book of baby blanket designs (35 knitted blankets) that you can buy. I’m going to give this pattern a go and then I might well order it. 

The pattern recommends Rowan Superwash wool. I figured this might be a good one to stick with seeing as I can see the f.o. going through the wash a lot!

I love bright colours so I thought the blue and red would look awesome together.

This project needs 4.5mm needles. Based on other large projects I was not knitting this on straight needles. I went onto amazon and ordered myself some new circular needles.. From experience these make managing blankets so much less stressful!

I am hoping to have these for the weekend. So I’ll either be starting this beautiful knit over the weekend or early next week! 

Fingers crossed I’ll get this done before bubs gets here. So some quick knitting will be required!

I’m off to carry on knitting squares while I wait for needles…

Baby brain signing off




4 thoughts on “Baby WIP – Baby blanket

        1. The patterns actually not very hard 🙂 its a lot of picking up stitches to create the 2 direction effect. How do you knit backwards? I’ve not seen that before x

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