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Square update! wip = patchwork knitting blanket

​So with my week of attempting to play catch up on this project while waiting for my new yarn to turn up…. I thought you guys might like an update on my squares!

Completed squares are as follows:

Mock rib with garter stitch stripped square = 1 electric blue

Ok,  so cheating a little by including this one as it had already been finished when I initially posted the battle plan last week!)

Banded broken rib square = 1 grey and 1 white. Both done!

Grey one is done 🙂 although i’m presuming my tension was off massively…. 4 rows instead of 3.

The white one is also done 🙂

Thank god!! I hate this pattern. It really doesn’t inspire me to want to do this again…. ever…. I mucked up a little in the last few rows. But I didn’t have the patience to go back and redo… I don’t apoligise for that. 

Basketweave square = 1 grey. Done 🙂 I love this pattern. Pretty simple, but very effective!

STILL TO DO! I’m still waiting on the needles for my next project. So these should see some progress in the next couple of days 🙂

Pennant Stitch Square = 1 blue and 1 grey.

Step Stitch Square = 3 white and 1 grey

Moss Stitch Zig Zag square = 1 white

Diagonal stripe square = 1 grey and 1 white

Zigzag stripe square = 2 grey and 1 white

Ridged striped with bobbles square = 1 teal

Diamond Seed Stitch Square = 1 grey and 1 navy

Moss Stitch Diagonal stripes = 1 grey and 1 white

What’s your favourite so far? Please let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Baby brain signing off 🙂




3 thoughts on “Square update! wip = patchwork knitting blanket

  1. I was trying to chose a favourite but I like all of them! If the ones you’ve made so far, probably the basketweave, it looks really nice and simple enough to knit 🙂

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