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Battle Plan for Knitted Squares

So I got home from work the other night and was still wide awake (even though it was around 11pm). As I’d finished the tank top I’m currently back on the squares until the yarn for my next project turns up.

My plan for the squares is to find the most difficult ones and focus on these before bubs is born. Then the easier ones can be left for when I’m sleep deprived and don’t have the ability to count stitches.

The battle plan for this project (assisted by the memo app on my phone) is as follows:

Mock rib with garter stitch stripped square = 1 electric blue (managed to get this finished! Before the post was planned to go out)

Banded broken rib square = 1 grey and 1 white. (Currently cast on)

Basketweave square = 1 grey

Pennant Stitch Square = 1 blue and 1 grey.

Step Stitch Square = 3 white and 1 grey

Moss Stitch Zig Zag square = 1 white

Diagonal stripe square = 1 grey and 1 white

Zigzag stripe square = 2 grey and 1 white

Ridged striped with bobbles square = 1 teal

Diamond Seed Stitch Square = 1 grey and 1 navy

Moss Stitch Diagonal stripes = 1 grey and 1 white

These might take me a while because they are the most complex. However, I have now got all the patterns I need and the colours required on my phone. So at least I am now prepped to knit efficiently on the move  – which can never be a bad thing πŸ™‚

Once these are done that will leave me with 26 squares to go πŸ™‚ Most of those will be chequerboard (one of my favs), moss stitch (not one of my favs by pretty simple), then just colour change squares with St St and other StSt variant squares. So hopefully those can be worked through pretty fast.

Once all the squares are done, I need to sew together and then knit the border. So this could technically be the home run πŸ™‚ (But I’ve thought that before and still been knitting for another couple of months – the socks are a fine example…)

So I’m off to attempt to knit as much as I can in a week before my yarn (and a pair of circular needles in 4.5mm because I am not attempting to knit a large project on straight needles…)…

Baby Brain Signing Off





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